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Short horror story This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it Comment and like if you want more stories

Horror / Mystery
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Character 1

It is said that something unknown could be truly beautiful but I refuse to believe those words said by grandmother May. She had always believed the darkness was a comforting mystery. Grandma May would tell us to understand the darkness and not to fear it, but I would never understand that creepy old lady. Somewhere in between the mist of unforgettable memories there was a little drop of happiness in Grandma May's Soul,she had claimed to rescue a lost crawling spirit.
It all started on dreadful evening when Grandma May was still young and charming, the innocence of the cloud had disappeared, Grandma May went for a walk in the wood.The light of moon stared into the woods , she enjoyed the silence of the night since she was always around people, this was the only time she could be alone with silence. She hummed softly with every step she took then suddenly the woods was covered in fog, then she heard someone screaming from a distance. Her caring nature made her run toward the place the screaming was coming from, she saw an infant covered in dirty and all it clothes were ripped but the voice of the scream was that of an adult but then she kept walking towards the little infant "Hello little one are you okay ?" she said softly it was too dark to make out the face of the child, she keeps walking towards with conscience. The child looks up to her and its starts giggling and runs into the wood.
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