DEACON - Second Chance Of Life

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Life was meant to be a one time deal, but it lied to the people living it. Only a group of people remain in this lying, supernatural world. They have no choice, not to survive, or not even to die. So, do they hand themselves to their fates, or do they twist their fate until it gives up?

Horror / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“This world had taken a lot from us. But, when it took the people we love, it promised to take care of them. Similarly, on this day, Candice was taken from us. She was a very kind, loving, and soft soul. The monster who did this to her deserves no care, as he also had none for Candice. On this date, the 10th of February 1983, another soul has left the earth to live eternally in a place safer than this. We shall miss her dearly. May God bless you all and her soul.”

“I am sorry Sarah. But our child won’t have a sister growing up. When he’s pulled out of you into this world, he must not know that he had a sister or it would crush him. Promise me.” says David with a hand on Sarah’s shoulder.

Sarah, crushed, looks and reluctantly nods at David. Her inverted smile then turns into shock. A look of pain. Then she screams at the top of her voice, “I think I’m giving birth”. The priest calls an ambulance and rushes to Sarah. David, in shock, follows the priest’s instructions to lift her up and bring her to a church pew. They lay her down and wait for the ambulance. As David sat there trying to relieve her from the pain, he gets an uneasy feeling on his hand. As he looks, he spots three deep and red scratches. The priest sees it and says, “Oh dear Lord... Three scratches and on the left hand. I’ve got to make sure that it’s not a dybbuk now.”

He says out a ritual in Latin, but David slowly stops hearing around him. As the sound slowly fades away, his sight becomes pitch black.

He then wakes up in a basement of some sort. He only sees a grey, weathered, grim-looking wooden ledge in front of him. A voice from above echoes and says, “What is your child’s name?” David panics and screams for help, but he feels a blunt and hard object hit his head. He falls to the ground and makes no sound. On the ledge, a baby falls with an extreme amount of force, such that the baby’s head split open and splattered blood all around. “This... This is your child.” Said the voice as it left David in shock.

David then falls unconscious again. He then wakes up in a hospital.

On the right side of his bed, is a young boy. He looks around 10 years old. “He’s awake!” he yells. A team of nurses dressed in cyan blue, rush in and check the screens to see his vitals.

Then, Sarah sits beside the bed with the kid in her lap. Then she says, “He’s still waiting on a name, honey”

David, in disbelief, asks the doctors, “How long was I out?”

“Nine years,” said a doctor. “Holy shit...” muttered David. “Careful there, your son might have a sailor’s mouth growing up.” Said Sarah.

“S... Son?” David asked. “Yes, it all happened so quickly.” Said Sarah.

“Aight... Still waiting on a name kiddo?” Asked David. His son smiled and very mischievously said yes.

“How does Lenon sound?”

“Sounds too much like lemon,” Said Sarah.

“Let’s give him a menacin-..” “Casey?” Said David, interrupting Sarah.

“Something menacing... Let’s see...” continued David, “I think I got it”

David said, “Deacon Arculeptone”

“Now, that’s a name!” says Sarah.

“I love it, daddy,” said Deacon.

“My name is Deacon”

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