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Daisy Na a 8 years old girl looses her life in an accident and now her soul entered to her best friends doll...but now Daisy Na's soul is prepare to punish all those who will hurt her best friend Kizie.. anyone can be punished!! Anyone!!!

Horror / Mystery
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Welcome to the House!

At dark night Kizie wake's up and found her favorite doll named to be as her best friends name Daisy Na. Goes missing as she in search of as her parents tell her not to worry about she will get till morning but now she has to sleep next morning Kizie found another bad news that her Bestie Daisy Na is no more and due to accident she died...and as she goes to attend her funeral...Kizie is truly sad but when she returns home she founds her doll in Daisy Na's favorite seat Kizie hugs her doll to tightly and says that she is now her only Daisy Na her Bestie...from next she spends more and more time with Daisy Na. And treat her as a human as she misses her friend too she also takes her friend Daisy Na to her school and make her sit next to her that seat was of his best friend...life was again on track but it was not it was a clam before storm!....
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