In the Dark

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Jackie moved into a small town with her family. But the town isn't what it seems...

Horror / Mystery
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I squinted in the darkness. What the--what was that?

I moved a bit closer.


It wasn't until it moved that I realize it wasn't human. It's bones crackled as if they were shifting into place. I shuddered in fear when I felt someone's breath in the back of my neck. The back of my head stung with the feeling of someone watching me.

I turn my eyes to the right to see if I could catch a glimpse of whatever it was.

"Kreak ,Crack"

I heard the thing in front of me. It had moved closer. The breathing in the back of my neck continued.

I stood in fear staring at the thing--no the monster. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Afraid to blink, I could do nothing.

The only thing I could see was its eyes that was placed taller than anything I have ever seen. The silhouette of its body became more and more clear as my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

It felt...the way it stared at was like it wanted to hurt me.

It was something evil.

Pure evil.


"Jackie! Wake up, look at the sign." My little brother shoved me awake.

I awoke in the car . My seat belt has made a mark on my neck and there is drool on my hand.

"Whaaat...." I'm annoyed but also relieved.

"Look we arrived at the town!" He pointed to the town's sign. With the fog I could barely see it. The gray mist covered everything.


"How do even pronounce that?" Moving to a new town was of course not my idea. But honestly, I didn't really care about leaving my friends or my home but I wasn't super excited about it either.

"Like Match- it -hew"

Our mother didn't say a word and kept driving. She was probably tired.

I kept looking outside to find anything other than fog. The fog was quite thick and it was like it moved with the car.

Staring out onto the fog and thinking back to the creature in my dream gave me an eerie feeling.Maybe it was a premonition of something or maybe it was just a stupid dream.

I sighed as we continued onward into the scary ass fog.

The fog finally disappeared a few minutes after we passed the town sign. I knew this was a small town but I didn't expect it to be so... empty.

The streets were gray and bland. There was no one outside.

The car slowly passed empty stores, restaurants, parks until we came up to our neighborhood.

Our mom parked in the driveway of a very old Victorian Style house. This was the first time I had seen it.It seemed otherworldly and creepy. It looked just like a house that would be found in the average scary movie.

"We're here!" Max exclaimed. Unlike me, he was very excited about this. I just think that moving was too much work.


Our mother still did not say a word which was very unlike her. She would usually be the one trying to be positive and get us excited.

"Wooooow" , Max ran out of the car and went straight through the doorway leaving me alone with the bags. As if she came out of trance mom finally looked away from the house.

"How do you feel about this?" she asked in a quiet whisper. I couldn't tell if she was talking to be or just out loud to herself. Even if shes not facing me, I can tell that she has bags under her eyes.

"I feel good, you?"

"Yeah, I just need to rest a little"

"Okay, I'll bring the bags inside while you rest," I smile widely, hoping to make her feel better. But of course, as usual I'm the one doing all of the work cause I'm the oldest. When she turns around, I sigh. I'm tired of being responsible for everything and everyone. I of course don't say this and start taking the bags out of the car.

"Oh, and you have school tomorrow"

I cringed at the thought of that. We just got here.

As I got my suitcase I saw a black shadow go under the car. I looked under to see a black cat. It had beautiful big green eyes.

I reached out to pet it but it immediately hissed and launched at my hand with full force. I shrieked and pulled away immediately.

"Hey, what happened," Max came back out sounding concerned.

"I just got scratched by a cat, no big deal"

"Oop--you might have rabies!"

"No, you cant get rabies like that so shut up," I shushed. He ran back in laughing. He is 5 years younger than me and he freaking acts like it.

When I checked for the cat, it was gone.

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