The Haunting of Malhotra's house

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Malhotras are famous elite in India. They runs a drugs and arms business, under the guise of their company. They used to enjoy there luxury life until truth exposes and they got accused of smuggling. So to hide from the government and cops. They hide out in the old mansion of their ancestors. The facts they know about the Mansion is that it's old but what they don't is.........

Horror / Mystery
Amaya Mathur
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Chapter 1

Author's Provision

Malhotras are unpacking there stuff and his only butler Ram is cleaning the living room of the mansion with his daughter Ruchi.

Ram has already ordered his orphan niece Ankita to clean everyone room and make there bed.

Mr. Vikram Malhotra, a 60-year-old cunning man with her 26-year-old wife Tanisha Malhotra making out in the bathroom.

Tanisha was a maid like Ram but after death of Mrs Anjali Malhotra, first wife of Vikram. She knows what she have to do to become queen of Malhotras. After two years of marriage Tanisha still doesn't has her own child.

Hearing moaning sound Ankita immediately left the room. She made a nasty face and walked towards Vishita's room, eldest child of Mr. Malhotra.

Vishita is 29 year-old divorcee and claimed to be a know-it-all but actually is half-wit. Ankita rolled her eyes when she saw vishita talking on her phone with her boyfriend and wearing nothing.

Ankita mutters "Here I thought she's unpacking her stuff." Ankita moved forward,bowed and said" Ma'am I need to clean your room."

Vishita nodded and continuously was giggling,she was about to leave her room naked only but Ankita stopped her "Ma'am! Your clothes?" She pointed at Vishita's naked body.

Vishita rolled her eyes at 17-year-old dusky girl. She didn't like Ankita because she knows she can't fool her.

Vishita walks towards the living room but stopped looking at her nemesis-- Ruchi. Vishita despise Ruchi because of her beauty, even her boyfriend Rohan likes to taste the 16-year-old fresh raspberry.

Ram was mopping the floor suddenly he felt a chill breeze in his whole body, he looked at door if it is open but he got the answer when he looked at the door, he saw vishita seductively looked at him and wearing only a bathrobe.

She smirked at him, she likes to dominate and looking at Ram's tensed face she thought she's the one who is making him tensed.

She comes towards him and whispered" Tonight, be ready peasant! To please me." Ram hold her hand and said in wobbly voice " If Master gets to know about us he will surely kill me."

She replied in a tight voice " If you will not come then I'll be one who will kill you, Remember that."

Ruchi heard conversation and she already knows about his father's scandal. She looked at the youngest child of Mr. Malhotra, Ahna. Mrs. Anjali Malhotra died after giving birth to her but Mr. Vikram Malhotra is least to bother about.

Ankita holded the fragile Ahna who is continuously crying. She looked at Ruchi in questionable manner and mouthed 'what?' .

Ruchi smiled and said "Nothing, I just wandering that why Ahna likes you so much." Ankita shrugged and inquires " why she's crying continuously? I have already fed her. She should be sleeping by now."

Ruchi quietly said "Even I am also not liking this place, it's too quiet. From when we have entered, I have feeling someone's watching me."

Ankita rolled her eyes and said "That must be that prevert d*ck-head" Ruchi glared and said "Language! You're holding a child. And I don't think its Vadik."

Vadik Malhotra 24-year-old, first son and second child of Mr. Malhotra, he is a drug addict and always lusted over Ruchi. Ankita sarcastically replied "Yes, how he can do? He is such Gentleman. Isn't he?"

Ruchi shook her head and said "I wish Aahil was there, so I can atleast steal some glances. When he will come."

Aahil Malhotra 19-year-old, second son of Mr. Malhotra. He is sharp as tack but he is as cold as ice. He is the one who boosted the company and set a empire of guns and drugs.

Ankita scowled and said "Mr. Malhotra has sent him to find out who has betrayed them. I wish he doesn't return only and I hope the government soon finds out where these Malhotras are hiding. So I can leave this disgusting family."

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