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The Beautiful Light that Shines For Us All

Part 16:

Magdalena was screaming…

She was sinking into the floor and she couldn’t move. She clawed at the carpet that was right in front of her. Desperately she tried to pull herself out of the thick mud. It wasn’t mud. But she didn’t know what else to call it.

Only a few moments ago, she turned a corner and saw the light spilling out of a room at the end of the new hallway. It was a bright golden light. It glowed around the frame of the wide, double doors. The cast of light shimmered on the threads of the carpet that ran along the corridor. She had started to run towards the light. Her heart was full to bursting with the excitement of finally coming upon something beyond the utter dark that she and the rest of the group had faced since entering the castle hours ago. She didn’t believe it was only hours ago that they arrived. It could have been days, she wasn’t certain.

She found herself bounding down the corridor. Sprinting for the light.

About halfway down the corridor, that was when she felt her feet grow heavy. Every time she tried to lift a foot off the floor it became harder and harder. At first she thought she was just exhausted. Then she began to feel as though she were collecting something on her shoes. There was a sensation like walking through wet cement. As though she were picking up clumps of cement that seemed to instantly harden on her feet and dragged her down. Her shoes were actually slowing her momentum.

She focused all her attention on the golden glow emanating from the room before her. It was almost like she was hypnotised by the ambient hue that hovered just around the edges of the entry way. She didn’t want to look away. She didn’t want to look down at her feet for fear the light might vanish. If she turned away, even for an instant, the corridor might fall into utter darkness as it had been only moments before she turned the corner.

She kept her eyes glued to the door.

But it had gotten harder to move. She wasn’t running anymore. She was almost yanking her feet out of the substance that seemed to want to drag her down. Her feet felt as though they were being pulled into the floor.

She labored to pick one foot up and then the other. After another few strides down the hallway, she felt her legs sink to the beginning of her calf muscle.

She didn’t realize she was crying. Tears were streaming down her face. She knew something wasn’t right, but she was too terrified to look. At first, she was too terrified to turn her face away from the door. But after she felt the thick substance constrict around the base of her legs, she was terrified to look down at the floor beneath her. She was stricken by fear at the thought of what might be happening to the ground beneath her feet.

The house was swallowing her whole. She understood that now.

She began to scream.

She cried out for Tom, even though she knew Tom had probably already been swallowed whole by the organism that existed inside the estate. She called Tom’s name until her voice became hoarse.

She sank to her waist.

She reached out for the carpet in front of her and tried to hold onto it. She thought she could fight against the thing that was pulling her down into the floor. She didn’t know if it was a creature or a substance. It felt icky and gelatinous against her body. However, when she touched it with her hand and then brought her hand away to look at it there was nothing on her hand. She had the sensation like she was being drawn down into mud or quicksand.

Her fingernails split down the middle from gouging the rug with such desperation. She cried in pain. Then she began to weep.

“Mommy,” she whimpered. “Mommy, help me,” she sobbed.

Her head was the only thing that could see above the floor.

The light still glowed from the doorway at the end of the hall. She gazed through the shining tears in her eyes at the last flicker of light.

“Help me, Mommy…”

Then she was gone.

The carpet that ran along the corridor appeared undisturbed on its course. It only waited for the next person to wander along.

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