The Video Shack

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Satanic Rituals Gone Wild

Chapter 3

Screenwriter of the

Andy jumped again when the bell started-up again over the front door.

Tom careened off the street. His eyes shielded from the blazing sun by a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses he bought off a spinning rack along the boardwalk near the beach.

One time someone told Tom he looked like Tom Cruise and from that moment forward Tom decided he would be a completist. The first step was getting his hands on the perfect pair of sunglasses even if they were just imported knock-offs that came buy-one-get-one-free.

Whenever Tom was behind the counter of the Video Shack he had Top Gun, Days of Thunder, or Cocktail playing on a loop.

When Tom reached the edge of the counter, he dropped his sunglasses down the end of his nose as though he were emphasizing a point nobody recalled him making.

“This is the only day I can go surfing,” Tom said, “I have no time to waste.”

“You going to the Line?” Andy wanted to know. Arguably the best surf on the North Shore was had at The Line which ran along the Massachusetts and New Hampshire border.

“I can’t get a ticket to Malibu this short notice.”

Andy punched the counter with a closed fist: “Oh, man. My board is at home.”

“We go right by before the highway,” Tom reminded him.

“My house is a minefield. I’ll never get back out alive.”

“What’s the matter there?” Dan asked. “Can’t be so bad as all that? Can’t be as bad as my house?”

“It’s that whole thing I was saying earlier.”

“The church stuff?” Dan asked.

“What church stuff?” Tom wanted to know.

“Some guy was at Andy’s dad’s church last night scaring all the parents about the devil.”

“The devil?”

Andy finished Dan’s thought with: “You know, telling all the moms how the devil speaks to us through our music and movies.”

“Don’t forget about the board games.”

“They think we’re still hanging out in the basement playing Dungeons and Dragons,” Tom laughed. He took his sunglasses off and hung the arm in the collar of his t-shirt. “What are you parents worried about anyhow.” Tom pointed to the shirt Andy was wearing. “You’re wearing a t-shirt for a Christian heavy metal band.”

“When I left the house they were throwing away all my sister’s My Pretty Pony dolls.”

“If my mom calls your mom after last night, it’s gonna really hit the fan.”

Tom interrupted with: “Do they still think you can play Stairway to Heaven backwards?”

“The most dangerous thing about that song,” Dan said. “Getting a hard-on half way through the dance.”

“This one time with Heather Mulrooney, she kept asking why I was pulling away from her the whole time we were dancing. I kept trying to move my hips just so that way it wouldn’t touch her.”

“Best thing your dad’s church could do would be getting that song banned.”

“You think we could stop by Palace Video on the way up there?”

“You’re at a video store right now?” Tom glanced around the room skeptical he might not be where he thought he was.

“The guy talked a lot of nonsense last night,” Andy agreed.

“Anybody who believes there are subliminal messages coming from our televisions…,” Dan said.

“Do you even know how to play a record backwards? A tape for that matter?”

“This guy told a story about some cult movie,” Andy tried to shift the focus of the conversation. “I was kind of hoping I might find it here.”

“Selection is kind of limited,” Tom pointed out.

“That’s why I was thinking Palace Video.”

“Kit has a lot of stuff,” Dan said.

“He knows about everything, even if he doesn’t have it,” Tom emphasised.

“What’s so special about this movie, you are so interested to find it?” Dan wanted to know.

“Apparently this actress who made only a couple movies in the 70s and 80s died on set while they were shooting the movie.”

“Like they filmed her die?” Tom asked.

“Well, it gets a little weirder than that from how the guy explained it. It is rumored that they captured the devil on film.”

“Andy, what kind of ridiculous… Why are you buying into this?”

“I don’t know what I believe. You know how you can sort of tell when someone is lying to you. Then suddenly you feel different when someone tells you a story you know you shouldn’t believe but you do. You know, when you get all tingly inside when someone is telling you something and it starts to really freak you out.”

“Some guy tells you a story about the devil and the hair sticks up on the back of your neck suddenly you think it’s true,” Dan laughs.

“It was one of those standard kind of 70s possession horror movies. They made dozens of them after the runaway success of The Exorcist. Satanic rituals gone wrong. But apparently, according to this story, the fake ceremony written for the movie actually worked. Some screenwriter wrote this scene but when they performed it on camera it actually worked.”

“What do you mean worked?” Dan said.

“Apparently they conjured the devil on camera.”

“That’s the movie you’re looking for?” Dan said.

“They didn’t just raise the devil, Dan. The girl. This actress. This woman nobody actually remembers ever existed. She died. Right there on screen. Dead.”

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