Black Evil Souls

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Jayden has a haunting past but haunting doesn't even cover it, some terrifying things happened when he was thirteen, things he has no memory of and what's worse is he has things following him and messing with his sane mind and they aren't human. In the end he finds out what happened to him and things go haywire after that. (A Short horror Story) ❣️☁️ ~Nessa

Horror / Humor
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Black Soulless Eyes

Some People are happy some are not and because of their lack of happiness they tend to do bad things such as suicide, killing someone, or worse... Much much worse then what you normally think and you will never know what hit you.

(Jayden's P.O.V.)
My room door creaks open slowly as someone walks in with light foot steps, my navy blue blankets lift upward then the bed dips as someone lays down next to me I was oblivious on who it was since my eyes were closed feeling heavy still from sleep. A deep sigh was heard and right away I knew who was with me, "Honey, wake up baby it's time for school." My mother says gently as I open my eyes so they could start getting use to the bright light, "Mom, is he home?" I focused my eyes on her finally as my blurry vision adjusted. I noticed fear in her beautiful blue eyes that resembled mine and with that I knew the answer to my question right away.
My heart starts racing making me swallow heavily, she shifts to lay on my shoulder gently and sniffles "I'm so sorry baby boy..." her voice cracks as she starts to cry in soft sobs. "I will distract him until you are out the door to school okay, honey?" I nod and swallow thickly my throat swelling from the swirling anger lingering there the most trying to consume me alive in its never ending waves, going to school was a pain knowing that my mom had to endure my own fathers wrath while I went to a school that hated snitches more then caring about what others were going through by other students. As my mom exits the room I quickly strip and get in my personal shower, I put my favorite shampoo that smelled like herbs and some lavender oils after then rinse it off moving so fast I almost slipped to my earliest death.
Saying earliest death since this wasn't the first time that this incident has happened... I get out and towel dry, I was tired not sleepy tired but tired of the life I was living. Tired of my so called father who hurt us for who knows what reason and I was also sick and tired of seeing my mom bruised up and hurt. Changing quickly I grab my backpack and open my bedroom door only to hear the start of a heated argument, "No, he needs his education leave him alone David he's your son!" My mother yells out. When I come into view, my so called father charges right at me a blow lands on my face as he slaps me hard making fall to the floor, I stay there keeping my head down knowing that he hated when we looked at him or even moved. He loved our weakness its like he hated us for some reason unknown... Bastard. "Like I said before Amber, he is not going to school anymore he is going to start working!" My hate rises and I start shaking as it starts to consume me whole, "Permission to speak, sir?" He pulls me up from my shirt, "What?" he answers with a sneer as we keep eye contact as I did not blink once.
"What would Adam think of you now? Of how you've turned out to be." His glare was burning into me, I took a deep breath in. "Its no wonder he left to the military so he won't have to handle you!" I say raising my voice, before he could hit me I push him away from me and run out the door not stopping for a second not even to head to school I pumped my legs harder until I reached my destination. As I near the beach I come to a complete stop my tense muscles relax slowly but not all the way a soreness creeping in. I inhale the fresh salty air as I walk down the little hill I'm on and continue on until I'm near the waves washing up ashore this is the only place I come to because it helps me relax and forget for a little while, I sit on the soft sand and pull my legs up laying my head down on them as tears were flowing down my face my mind racing. Home was a nightmare and so was school other kids picked on me because my parents never came for presentations, meetings, and other things parents needed to come for. "God, please show me the right path and in return I will give you all of my faith.. always.

I sit there with my eyes closed relaxing I must of fallen asleep because the next thing I know someone is waking me up, "Come one sonny boy, it's late evening the sun is setting." After rubbing my eyes and stretching my very stiff limbs I get up grabbing my stuff and start walking up the hill and straight home a dreadful feeling making my mood sink once again as I was near my home, I hear screaming and something breaks forcing my heart to sink with deep worry as my mother came into mind. Sprinting inside all I see is my mother on the floor like a slave a shattered plate with food next to her, "Learn how to cook Amber, or next time I will break it into you!" All she does is nod while starting to clean up the mess my father made. I wait for him to leave out the back door knowing the bastard was going out to drink...
As the door slams closed I run to my mum helping her up, "Leave it mum, I will clean it up for you go on and take a long shower." It's like she didn't hear me she just kept on cleaning so I grab her wrists and make her look at me, "MUM! stop, go wash up please... I've got this." She nods once again and gets up heading to the bathroom closing the door gently hearing her soft sobs, I start to clean the mess as quickly as I can just in case he came back early. As I was done I go check on my mother who was still in the bathroom, I knock, "Mum, are you alright?" I say gently, she opens the door her small frame covered with a big red towel forcing a smile on her face. "Yes honey, I'm fine I just need a nap." She looks uncertain and I smile knowing what she wanted, "Go ahead mum, you can sleep in my room and I'll warn you if he comes." she places a kiss on my head and walks into her room to change first.
I go into the living room and sit on the baby blue couches and start on my essay the back door creaks open making me tense up, "AMBER!" I get up quickly walking towards him a bit warily knowing nothing good was coming my way. "Mother's sick poppa, what can I help you with?" He sneers my way, "You help me? I'm not sure you are of any use!" I scoff glaring at him with so much anger. "Says the worthless piece of arse that only gives orders and drinks his life away!" He throws a punch to my cheek and I fall to the ground as my head hits the ground hard and everything goes black.

(Dream/Memory Ends)

I sit up on my bed gasping covered in a layer of sweat forcing the decision to get up as I looked around my own room still in a daze, also trying to figure out if what I just dreamed was either a real life situation or just a plain out nightmare. Were those really my parents? Did I have a bad childhood? I run my hands through my hair feeling stressed already, what happened to me to make me loose my early childhood memories? I get up and walk into the bathroom turning on the faucet and throwing cold water on my face then proceed to my medicine cabinet and put two of my pills in my mouth downing them with some of the sink water. I turn to head into the direction of the kitchen and turn on the coffee machine so the water can start to warm up, staring out the window I start to zone out and didn't really come to notice until my gay roommates decide to yell my name out both at the same time making me jump like a startled cat.
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