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A group of witches reunites in a foggy night of new moon around a strange campfire, placed in a ancient, dark forest. After a chant in a incomprehensible language, a row of spirits starts exiting from the campfire, floating around quietly. The eldest witch takes a step forward, calling one of the spirits, inviting him to tell his story. This book is a collection of short horror stories, told in first person by the spirits of the victims.

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The ancient forest

The stars shined in the black sky, illuminating slightly the grassy trail Trough the glimmers left by the branches of the old trees.
A group of five people wrapped in their cloaks walked on the path, seemingly non caring about the heavy fog that was gathering in the dark forest.
One of the five took something from the interior of the cape: it looked like an elaborated stick, with strange symbols caved in the wood.
The figure waved it in the air and the fog, as it was moved by an invisible wind, enveloped the group in a sphere of white smoke.
Few seconds after the fog dispersed, leaving no trace of the group.

The five appeared near a crowded glade, in the middle of which there was an enormous campfire, that illuminated the entire clearing.
Seeing them coming, an old lady clapped her hands, silencing the crowd, that proceeded to make a circle around the campfire.
She took a step forward, starting an incomprehensible ancient chant, followed by the other members of the coven.
The fire rose growling, and a multitude of ghosts was released from the flames, saturating the sky and covering the chant with their laments.
The old lady rose her wand and the silence once again spread across the glade.
"Sisters, this night, as every year, we are reunited here to celebrate the festivity of samhain. In this night, out of space and time, we will listen to the stories of the ghosts "
She proceeded to point at one of the spirits with her wand, dragging him to the ground.
He was the soul of a young man, with black hair and fair skin, dressed in the nineties style, with a bloody hole in the middle of the chest.
He looked around and then started his tale:

"I was born in a village in northern Italy, near the Alps. Every place has its own legends, its monsters hidden in the shadows, its boogeyman that scares the children, but, in the case of my village, the boogeyman is far too real.
His story is told by parents to their children, generation by generation: once he was one of us, one like me, a young man that lived normally in the village, but one day he disappeared without a trace, in a night of new moon.
No one knows what exactly happened, but a month later he returned as a cruel and dark entity that, from then to the present day, comes every new moon to claim a tribute in flesh and blood.
I went out to smoke a cigarette when I saw a figure walking near the woods: she was one of the rare tourists that visit our village, she arrived the same day in the evening, probably she didn't know about the demon.
I barely had time to realize that she was walking near the forest during a night of new moon, when i saw him.
He emerged from the shadow of the woods, his skin was pale as a corpse, highlighting the purple veins that ran under it.
His hair were pitch black, and he was covered by a cloak of the same color, that pointed out the most terrifying detail, his watery, pearly eyes that glowed faintly in the dark.
The tourist turned and screamed in terror, but it was too late.
One glance of his terrible eyes, and she was paralyzed by fear, forced to look at the monster approaching her.
Then, with a nerve-racking slowness, the demon brought a hand on her chest.
As the hand of the creature entered in contact with the clothing, these were ripped apart, leaving only the nude skin.
After one moment, the monster touched her chest.
The scream of the victim was atrocious, but not even comparable with the view of flash and bone ripped apart, bathing the grass with warm blood and leaving the heart uncovered.
The demon grabbed the heart, ripping it from the chest and, while still beating, he led it to his mouth and proceeded to eat his meal, dirtying his skin and teeth in red.
Then, while the blood still dripped from his mouth, he looked at me, smiling with a sadistic grin before disappearing.
When he left my body regained the ability to move.
I ran back in to the house, thanking every god that exists for being still alive.
I didn't know that the monster had already chosen his next victim"

The ghost made a bitter smile and then disappeared, leaving room for the next spirit.

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