Uncut diamond

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Chapter 12

I have forgotten myself of course I know my name and address and who is who. But I have forgotten who dreamt the dreams who was young and innocent and who had pride and dignity. I have forgotten the apple and the thimble the fairy in the fairy tale and all that which happens as normal people think and feel as if their world is not crushing in but cashing in. I have no idea who is feeding me this nonsense who is making me do such stuff.

The thing is he has another life with another wife and he is happiest when with that not with me? Remember I am buffalo. The thing is when I unseat him he knows he can't beat me. When he unseats me he knows he is in command.

As I was saying his wife has seventeen other women maybe more when we were at school she made the marriages and I left because felt uncomfortable she asked me to marry her? Of course I was most interesting.

Now due to time and lacking in the good things I have aged premature well I am sixty and a bit. Let us say no more. The thing is I have aged but not everyone else. It is bizarre they have good wit and atmosphere and they have palaces which they married into or money they made with the amazing interiors and friendships and then why I ask does no one pay money for my work? Worthless.

I am banned barred and enraged in a cage because most of time is passing and I am drained like peas in a colander. I am used up and the things which made me do not now matter.

No more school.

Nothing of the sort some sorry kids have to go to school.

Some prefer to get married it is easier for them.

Soon see.

So having left home they hot foot it to the registry office only to discover their husband and his family are worse than back home. They have to obey the mother and the father in law. What a berk. Yes what a berk the woman has now become stranded in some awkwardness because due to friends saying that marrying is the best thing that happened to them they now stranded. Dropping the friend they become the good women who are solid dependable and silenced.

Around the world the world which has these types you know them they wear funny sweet clothes. Those women are the mother of our new born babes the infants which get paid. They are the women who are raped and time does not heal them. They are the women who aggrieved do not much damage to us at all?

Think of me and how much have I done and multiple it by millions and their voices are stony silenced? Well think about that think just think when you are looking on heat at some sex crazed image.

We disagree and then disappointed I leave because no one is listening to me as I feared it has been a pointless affair there is nothing more to do but ask then speak and silenced forever more think how to undo the harm which they can do. Because innocent blood and they untrue? Turn the leaf there is not much to feel I feel them bordering on madness as they trying to reach out to them who must understand. Look we got rid of a evil thing we did not know it because we were ignorant.

In the 21 century women are sold and resold into slavery and their children too. Which makes it a slave trading whom we have never seen on such scale.

We seek justice for the likes of this one woman but it is not one only is it?

That the spite has left even the sorrow has fled. We now lost and going slow to find out what has been happening in our high flights and as we enter the ground and know that we must never fly too high. We now become the seer and the seekers after the truth. No it is not in your underpants.

Sorry it is the auntie speaking now it is never wise to be this character once an auntie always an auntie. Kids no they are grown ups. We do not know what has happened to the narration? I have flopped gone so many places and now settled I cannot find myself.

"Oh dear what a thing to be oh dear what a horrid thing to see."

And as the heights of fancy reached the depths of Para grimes and such stuff as the dreams which were still to be told. What is the cost of this? Nothing it just costs time. We have plenty of time since the lock down so we will be spending it with you.

Having the key to lock down is the key why everyone is not going to go mad. Yes we are exercising our two babes have been inside the cage and now we released them to school we have more fun and games.

Be sure to make them eat with forks and knives. No knives we do not want to give them knives. All of them psychos have the same fears.

The ten things a parents does is never use knives with their play school children.

"I was thinking more secondary scholars."

Now to begin this story.

We are with you. There is a sympathetic noise. I hum to it as well. The birds chirping away like candle to the grease made me think and feel for some reason. Sexy underwear and a tidy sum of money. Her heritage is good as well why my lady?

Where was I?

Don't see it as well.

Mother and father locked me in a insane world in order to rob me of some little inheritance and that makes me the apple cart which rolled into the barrel.

A man is seen throttling a woman. I did not mean to make it so hard for you.


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