Uncut diamond

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Chapter 13

When we did wrong and when we thought we did wrong what's the difficulties for the fools which is us? That we matter as we dined on fruits which splendidly made us what and who we are. Now supping on mistakes which matter less and less we did nothing wrong robbed no one but those we loved. Spent their time and spat them out. So why did we return to the empty hole? The girl he left behind who had vowed to change her mind and he did not change it for her? Because sometimes it matters not the art nor the social nor the difficult manners. It made nonsense of the facts of life taught by the truth of the ideals which the rich and the middle classes have in them.

When we nearly die because we have spent a passionate night in someone 's bed and then we get it together again is that the jest? That it is without meaning what we did at night with somebody else. Because she is the pillow or I am the pillow who is to blame but the man is conflicted divided between being and not being beating about the bush is he right in the head where is the same page. Nearly paged me out then what has nearly died?

How wrong is he?

Jetlagged he jetted elsewhere that is when the trust left and narrowly crumbled on our heads. I got to blame the world because when I do not look that sexy in my clothes and there is no hairdresser would not touch my hair then what does it mean or matter when the ideals were there but no longer as we aged and as he so jetlagged where did the love go?

When he does not feel me as if I am someone who is a rash or a nettle because of that nettle the thoughts the feelings is there truth goes out of the window who is lying and why?

"Don't be mean with the truth."

"Who held the baby when he got the jerks?"

"She didn't hold it because the baby in the woods having the smartest time ever with a guy who pretended he older than me but youthful no more. Adopted by them the cutest society hostess ever having given up her virginity the girl became a woman and then had a baby of her own."

Not true it was not sordid it was nothing like that. I needed a friend he was helping me. Well the good doctors always do. He as he youngest psychologist did just that he helped himself to the main course.

What else can a man do when he so over whelmed by the beauty of the woods? As then he got a bit carried away with the dictates of his conscience because the heiress not having inherited yet they thought of a plan. She was sent to do some shopping in order to get a replacement. The replacement having arrived she lived a bit. She got engaged. She so bad at that she did not love her new partner the partner called her a slag. Having this outside the ear shot of everyone she disliked that sort of deal. She said called out wept she disliked the man but was not strong enough to call it off.

She began to drink and drink nervous because she would lose everything. Then miracles would happen bring happiness her self respect almost eroded she went and nearly did again become engaged to someone more of a twit than the last one. He dealt with his millions and they would conjoin at the knees. Well having the boredoms she did not know it but she began to tremble with rage.

Her mother was looking after her child and she then went to help out. The mother had many schedules and she got on with life. Life is to pretend it did not happen if too ugly.

I was seeing all this a good neighbour you see it is wisdom to stop myself but just can't. It is awkward it is very much so. Well the man of the house since having come home they have two children babies which she states are too much for her as she is also looking after the unfortunate child whom her mother has dumped on her. Well it was really to hide the fact from the dad so he would not disinherit her. Having another gin and tonic it made sense so much more sense than when sober.

Having a touch of the flu she did get the money. Her husband very much at home in spending it. The former man did catch the millions and did get away with silence as his main story.

So this is the end of story?

Bloody not there is a lot more going the man of the moment you know my brother is a doctor a psychologist. I am so amazed at his skills and fortitude at studying the language of them all that it makes me give him the benefit of advice from a patient. Do not make your wife a patient too. It is amazing that we must live with the heirs to fortunes and not kill them at all as this is a disaster socially.

Having killed other heirs for money they do not take into account that their skills are becoming known. The heir to them who were the heirs? I am most pressed for time.

Why is it that these happen when I am about to reveal all? To think it matters just take my word for it the whole show really starts in the Woolworth era and if you do not know what happened to someone the heir than call me I can expand.

But this particular story happened in there next door right to me. I sprayed them with water but they got involved. I thought they were the parents not the younger couple. Seeing I made a mistake it was a misunderstanding. Well it is nasty them looking young and all that? Well so the children were not my targets I wanted nothing better to be beastly to the parents and did something wrong.

In the woods? In the garden because she was playing the Lady of the Manor and he was playing Lady Chatterley's lover and as they did not begrudge the physical actions which thrust them into deductions the mother came as the queen of sorts and said no sporting chance we have to leave this place because he might find out and then we will be sorry.

Just about got away with it they did. Because the thing was the girl was young and the man was twenty something. The girl was never going to grow into a woman because of that. She had slide into something rotten and money was needed so she would do it right child.

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