Uncut diamond

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Chapter 14

I blanked out there is nothing to seek in my neighbour's garden the children have gone. The adults since separated. The whole house has closed down sold to someone else. The man is digging there is a new pond. He sighs and sighs again. I do not know why he has put two thousand pounds worth of fish in there? And there they were always extravagant.

Their mansions are being redecorated. I think in some holy thought. My penthouse he says is fit for purpose and there is nothing the matter with them coming to a end of terrace house.

Peoples pleasure dorm is no longer here? Why have they left gone? I became a nerd and the thing is I am the peeping Tom. I disliked myself the thing is when a madam mates the commoner must see.

I think therefore I am. But who I'm I? I am a lost cause with many flaws. They ask me questions and then ten commandments say.

"No one shall enter here. It is banned there is nothing for you here that is banned."

I am sending you away. I am sending you home it is not okay. I am dealing in wife and family how about me?

I am being destroyed because he does not see how wicked he is being. Beastly misconduct and I taking what he does is so nasty. Nasty scum.

Off away they go to do another one of those deals. They are family firm and do deals and such they are high powered and they know what is what except they do not know everything. They come for me to find out.

"So?" His wife speaks statements asked. "What does it feel to be a nobody?"

I do not fear her remarks it is nasty but fact.

"It is no different than being mum."

"She done something with herself you haven't." Was this a set down?

The lions and the snakes is sure thing we all willing to make obliging noises and the woman his woman asks him for sexual flavour. I am there doing a writing course when she opens her legs and makes a beeline for the man. Whom she is involved with they go together and soon there is the usual sounds from their bedroom.

Regrettably I fell asleep before got really annoyed.

You see as I am pointing out that was the exemplary behaviour of the wife and husband and as they denied themselves no pleasure their child seeing all this thought it is the thing to happen when grown up.

So she began and that makes her nothing but timid because now she has nothing to be but a housewife and she hates that. Me a heir to something a housewife? Sheer strength of her wit is sure fine. The designing hussy to call me such a thing. A housewife a mum. Almost got her into a rage. I know my dear the wickedness of life is more bizarre than you know. If you knew it all you would not be sat down now.

The good doctor having found a new thrill is doing what he is not supposed to be doing. He is hanging around shagging the good ladies. Plying the trade and the trading standards dislike him for it.

Well as he is such a good husband and there is nothing for it if he had not been my half brother would have taken a peck. But it is not nice.

No it is I being a disgrace a disaster to the whole lot of them. They can do what they care to do.

Having sorted them out what can I say?

I messed around not telling the things which make for a happy life is be true to the values to them who matter even to yourself. Time is the strengths which we must be aware of. When time flops come and when he and she have it out. When the little lady is in denial she a mum. When the mum is still a heiress not able to become strong for the sake of the things she believes in. She has to because she everything will depend on when the time comes and she has to be ready to kick and startle the man or woman who interfere with the children.

When the time comes when the time comes when they must throw the whole thing into some order something which denies this in the know will end up with the ashen face like the heir to Woolworth.

Vipers and sinners and all that we are but sorry to think nothing comes from the likes of them who think they know well? Yes it is nasty knowing a lot.

Do not interfere with the likes of the mafia. They have got into everybody's knickers now the mafia. Seeing what the rich like they give it to them.

My former husband was given the broom from the behind what is their problem the English rich that is?

No it was not my broom from his dear niece he got the broom a thing he disliked most of all. She put him into a cupboard while doing his behind then she got bored and threw him to the dogs.

"Well he should not have crapped the house."

Everyone said I am cramping their style and it is making me cry. Well it is not obvious to me what I say is nothing to do with being wrong. It matters not at all. We believe like we do and it is nasty why they do things and then they expect nothing from the worthy people whom they have called nothing and nobodies who want to share their secrets as they come to us calling attention to themselves and wanting to tell us share with us whom they have shagged. I make it none of my business until they say what is what then of course it is research.

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