Uncut diamond

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Chapter 15

Dad's being ridiculous now he wants to see me wed no one and still he does not budge. He a monster sat like a buddha slaying all who come near me. I am almost dulled with the embarrassment of it all. Why because it is not natural a woman past thirty fifty and somewhat sixty still being chased by her dad. He had me young at twelve or eleven. He had to go to prison because he raped mum. He just did it to show off he did not mean any harm when I was conceived they both had it out get lost you turd and all that.

Off to his aunt he went and Gold was looking for a lover which she found in him. His aunt and he got on famously until her hair began to fall and she and he no longer in the first flush of heat.

She would cart him off to the toilet and then they would stay there far longer than necessary and when the husband spent the night alone he of course took it into his head to molest his only child. Pay back time of course but the mother or grandma saw that what it might lead to of course pregnancies and disgrace and that was the reason she sent her daughter or grand daughter as Pink was unaware of it all. To some school, The school taught one housekeeping and making clothes and all that and she ended up doing the garden because she was more used to the work. Baby sat as well.

The woman who ran the place everyone must keep occupied and useful and when one day the daddy was walking past the road he saw her in something a dirty dress chapped hands and that made him run to the wife and say no more.

"I am not going to have our daughter being ogled and laid by all the scumbags. She is digging the earth and her tits were hanging there."

"How did you see the tits?"

"I did that is all."

So saying he took refuge in the news and he took such a lot of pleasure from it that he forgot. Incest does no good is unclean and the amount of children who die is useless blood in the end. I am a woman without a womb so I can do what I please. She was justified in her eyes she was as good as a man. She did own property and did not care for the worthlessness of the sorry statements and the work which told the toll is when they die because of incest. When they dislike you for being nice. She just did not seek help she was a woman not true to the self in her younger days she was a victim in her later years she took care to pleasure herself on morsels and good and tender. Both she said I want the respect and them.

It must have been when Zeks delivered the letters that they became lovers the two women in his life. He thought it was a marvellous good woman who got on well with his family. His cousin did not care much for his type of woman he did not know his sweet heart and his cousin had the fling? No way when he was about why should they look around for a second?

"To live is my only vice."

But Gold did not want to see her daughter Zeks she just did not care for the idea of her being in the same way. My dad and she had a thing and so did my dad and Zeks. So dad being a philanderer she thought she would send them to England where she could have peace and quiet.

Gold and he must have done something nasty together but their nastiness was nothing to the evil and corruption in that part called the town which was Lefka now she is dead and dying race. Our descendants know who Gold is do they know who dad is? He is alive and well and able to tell his own side in the end what does it matter when he a monster created by Gold and his life choices.

The son of the bitch was also having a affair with a beautiful married woman. That she knew of and he had also childhood a sweetheart with someone else. The childhood sweet had incarcerated herself in her room begging to go to London because she was a headmaster's daughter she was totally nasty with the demands. Her mother a decent nurse said nothing she had wasted her time training her all she wanted was to wed someone and did not matter as long as that someone was a man who could give her a good time and be with her all that she needed her mother thought was a heart.

Her brain was functioning well her sweetheart said and that was all that mattered. This is a complex moment when everyone has a moment when they are more themselves than at other times.

Why is it important that they are all lovable and nice?

The place was getting very hot for the likes of him. Gold feared that they would cut him off. In his prime of life too. So she had to make sacrifice and re-mortgage the lands and that would make her a tidy sum. The price of the land had gone down so only one of them could go. Zeks could not go she had to wait it was a time of waiting of never being the ship set sail and a week later he was in London but he grew fearful women made more money than men in England. So Zeks was asked to go with him to feed him because he hungry. Annoyingly she left thinking he needed her. She was so nice and suggestible.

Gold paid both to go and hoped for the best. The land of hope and glory would soon settle him to work and wealth.


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