Uncut diamond

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Chapter 16

When bespoke furniture arrived in the wedding apartment and the rest of us call out the names of witnesses who might be aware they have the right to interfere. But when that did not happen the happily married pair left for their honeymoon as Zeks waits in agony of anticipation a threesome for them a altogether a delight for her. She goes to a hair dresser and spends her last penny and then what is done is done.

She also signs the deeds to the flat which she had saved all her pennies doing in the night clubs since she was fourteen. As she had arrived in London and was earning her keep. Waiting for the happy couple to arrive she did not waste time the key in the lock did not budge.

"We changed the locks."

"Let me in." Zeks smiled it was beginning to rain and she did not want her hair to be undone. She had spent the afternoon doing the whole coiffure the nails the works. She had spent her entire weeks wages she asked to be let in to be respected it was her flat her home. She did nothing wrong she did what she did because she loved them both.

"I am doing no such thing here take your suitcase and that trash and leave." said the woman who now becoming a wife knew her rights and did not mince matters. She had it with fools.

"Well I shan't it is a joke?" Zeks stammered as if the lost word in the dictionary was reality but something like a cold sweat was coming to her head. She just had to satisfy curiosity she had worked harder than most girls she had done the right things so why was this woman her woman punishing her?

"My husband is jealous." said the woman bridal dress in her bosom and her bosom hugged her so tight the bodice showed her beauty in the light which came from the gas lit folly of her dreams.

They had not been taken off the streets yet she had said the gas lit lamps.

"This is now mine now leave or the husband will come and make it his business to dismantle you."

There is a tear a terrified scream in her heart she had given everything to the couple she had given them what they asked for. She had done things broken laws and conventions for them. Now why were they so off with her? Why what she had done was be useful to them. She babysat she did jobs she took things she became everything now they dropped her like a glass she was not going to break.

Zeks was a stripper by trade.

She also had a nice voice she always wanted to become a entertainer but with the happy sisters they were the happiest dual couple in the wedding ceremonies until one got lucky. The one inside got lucky the one outside did not. What a shame it all was for the Happy Sisters went bust if they had a bust up.

Happy happy so and so.

The rain became a down pour what has happened did I offend you what has happened to us to all our dreams? The rain spattered like pearls on the pavement making her sting and there was almost a glee on the other woman's face. A madness which she saw was lost on that girl who had bedded her and made her fall in love with her. But she said no words of love only something worse unkind.

"Get lost." She closed the window and went to fornicate.

"There is a intruder about I will yell they will deport you."

So Zeks being a immigrant left so quietly quickly she was hardly seen within their vicinity again. That auntie said she was deported that is why they got the house so cheaply. She spent months thinking how she would decorate the damn thing then made it a show place and sold it for a profit.

"We lived in it for five years."

"Plenty of time to decorate?"

"Yes it was." said dad.

That was the first time ever she had been robbed in a evil manner. She thought about it as she was nearly picked up when she bending down to feel her foot because the heel had broke. She was touching the heel when someone began to touch her. She said nothing but got up and walked again. She was downcast seem to be lost. The wind and the rain spattering on her his words lost. The man spoke tried to follow someone said something leave her alone or something and then he found someone obliging.

Someone else on that road? Where did she go?

"I do not know Pimlico or something the market in those days was famous."

She had said this part so many times I forget which part is more important. Her foot her leg and then what did it matter human dignity when all is lost in a moment?

I had been a child when told these stories the thing is when a child everything is like a adventure. I thought why did not she take a taxi and her cousin might pay?

"No way." She did not care for it because the cousin might be in debt herself might never let her in might leave her to freeze and join the cir

"I had been robbed but nothing would have convinced the authorities that I was in the right." She said told me what to expect for the likes of us were always broken.

That we must all live and learn said Zeks to me some years later she took her suitcase she had no walking shoes and walked two miles with the rain pouring on her head she was going to see her cousin. In the night she walked the wrong way then she had no money to pay for her fare that driver who let her on the bus was a sure saint and she took the bus and went to the address. She arrived midnight.

The cousin now surprised but her heart big let her in and she and she let out a yell her shoe had no heel and some would call it lucky she was wet and weeping and she had a hot drink went to some dry clothes but in her suitcase all was wet.

"You are lucky you did not break your leg with them on." Said the cousin and she wept she just wept it was her best shoe.

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