Uncut diamond

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Chapter 17

With the cousin she was quite safe and safer than houses she looked after some kids she hated the job. She let her attention wander and the kids finger stuck against the hinges of the door. She did not know what to do so someone suggestion to roll it in a bandage and not to touch it. She did she told the mother that it was okay that the child crying was fatigue as they had a busy day and gave the child some aspirin and put it to bed.

The mother after a hard days work did not know did not have the energy to find out what had happened. The child did note was too young to see. He was a nervy kid and his wails were left unnoticed. His dad noted it said it might be something. But they had trust in her she was their good cousin their little bliss. They just did not see it the understatement of their after resentment was such.

She just hummed a tone she disliked babies sitting at home being at home made her stupid and dull. She did not shed a tear for the child not her child so why should she? The other son of hers the wifely cousin's meant that she had two boys with fingers in bandages. That it was a coincidence right? It had to be? She sat it out singing them songs and they adored her. She drunk cups of tea with the neighbours and at night she had her little cousin to play with.

There was hospitality and stuff she was happy. It was bliss after what she went through.. The children crying at night none of her business so she lived in denial she had become someone else?

No she was actually more herself she lived and lived it in the night with the little girl cousin and they made out like never before. She was more expert now she just loved the sexual act in the intimate atmosphere of a family whom loved.

It made it more embarrassing that she disliked the boys. Did not care as they were boys who would become men. What they needed was a symbol to tell them who they would be. That they needed their fingers off? Of course that was the reality of being men them were men a figure of fun. She sat them like they were dolls and tried not to laugh at them. She was all concern for them she hated them.

They would have everything she would never be able to enjoy in public. Women would marry them want to mate with them. Not the trash but real woman who knew what was what in the house and home. Only trash would take her she needed stability she needed a home with a wife. But what was she going to be she was going to be a wife. She had to have a excuse not to marry. While her thoughts turned to self mutilations she spent the better part of the next two weeks denying the suffering of the two boys she in charge of.

They are men to be let their horrid roots come to rot. She would say as if speaking to herself. Let the man be sapped when young and her charges would listen stop startled and stare.

Why should men be able to handle a wife more and better when she had the wit and the power to handle these poor twits these poor nerds who trusted her?

Women like them she asked for that would not happen? She just did not know while she was suffocating and sorrowing the boys were crying.

The house was big a army house and as it was big with everything thrown in. Knives and forks included she just had to have something but couldn't her cousin said they count and know every little object and they chase you to see where you placed it? Of course said the stupid woman who had all that for granted. She was never going to be pleased with the people who she knew she could out wit.

She was not fit for purpose so they discovered. The sorrowful parents noted the boy had grown paler and his pallor was not good. The father being in the armed forces knew the signs of what it might be. He became grim as he looked at his fading sons. After a week, the dad noticed a smell. He unrolled the bandages and the fingers of both boys had turned sceptic. They took the children immediately to hospital when they were told the unhappy news fingers would have been cut if delayed a moment longer.

"What you done we are done for what you done?"

"I did not know."

"What you done you whore."

Nobody calls her whore she was most upset why she call her a whore she disliked men too did not she?

"Why you call me a whore for? How can you I am a unpaid servant in your house,"

"Husband tell her to take herself out of the house place her somewhere and then book her ticket back home."

"Yes me lady."

"What is wrong with that?"

"No money."

"I have some money." said the unpaid servant.


The thing was an anxious night after all touch and go and the mother would not leave the side of her boys. Why she so anxious why she so filled with concern for the trashy boys? No one felt like that about her except her dad. She had not set eyes on him a sight for sore eyes. She asked for nothing better than to see him and know he okay. He was the only man for her after all. Zeks was so romantic.

Her passage booked she was going back to where she belonged. In the house where she grew in. She was that happy.

The thing was the mother went mad. She just literally told her to pack her things and leave. Why she was as inconsistent as that? Well she must love them boys. So the next thing she knows she living with a psycho woman who comes and goes because she does not need tea just comes and throws the tea into the sink because she stupid? She thinks she Zeks poisoning her. Zeks is not but she fools around you see. For the sake of amusing herself her passage booked and she has to stay where she is for some time.

The woman owned the house and then she said she could not live like that. She just did not trust her with food or tea. She had been looking after her and she said she had to trust to eat and drink. She had lived in that house doing the work and she had been nice to the woman but the sorry fool thought she was poisoning her she thought about it in the end. Rat poisons and all that but she never could do such a thing.

The woman asked her to leave. She just could not live like she had been doing. Her ship had arrived and she left. What an adventure she would sigh what a nightmare but she did not know did not see.

She booked her ship to Cyprus and then fled. She had to be rehoused with some stability. She had to get married everyone was throwing her out she just did not fit in. She was still eighteen. She could still be a wedded wife.

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