Uncut diamond

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Chapter 19

They did not row there was no quarrel she just was dropped with the couple walking hand in hand as if she was a fly. The man tipped his hat to her and the woman gentrified beyond belief just smiled.

They had shared everything sex and favours and she had been the apple of their eye. What had happened. They just walked on and did not even say good bye he just looked at his wife and smiled tenderly.

When dad her husband gave them the right of attorney when he so smashed up with jealousy and rage. What does it matter they took the power of attorney and then did just that they took the table sold his car then went and rented the flat. That and everything they took the television and smiled at dad and said it is now ours,

The younger Zeks had the same feeling as I must have done when they did that.

The thing is what I thought which Zeks did not know about these were sex shams shambolic and never dull and did get it along with the likes of us all. Their son was told to stay away from me as I was a danger to him.

When things bad things happened at school he yelled dad and went to the closet.

"Shame on you did something to my kid."

"Did nothing sir."

"Well why is he yelling?"

"He is a fool?"

"My son is not a fool he has good grades."

"I want to go home dad,"

"Not when we are robbing someone."

"I heard that."

They ran so fast it was stupid I just thought they did such a good job why they leave so soon?" asked ma and pa.

"I don't know."

Dad wanted to know if they were crooked so he spent the next five years giving them the bag which contained our takings from the cafe. When we went to the cinema he would leave the bag with these people. They were overwhelmed at how much money we had made. And we could not even cook imagine if the mistress of the house had the same cafe and did the joys of it all?

The thing was a crook can stand so much even an honest man would have been tempted.

Dad was suicidal and all sorts but mum said spat it out I am going to the Cinema dad hated the whole bustle and making fun and games in the movies. He disliked to live in the imagination because his was the only thing worthy of it.

Dad would count the takings afterwards or better still mum would where she would play on the fruit machine.

Some of the money would come out but mostly dad a half share of it. When my sister B got involved she loved to game in such a way. I stopped it all. I made her stop because that would be ruins in our world if no money than we are dead.

"But why it was such fun."

"No it was not."!


"Ask mum." I told her which she did and came back smiling.

"She said it was okay a little fun." said B.

I lent on being good to them so I tried to get rid of the fruit machines. I went and did some mechanical error and the fruit machine gave and gave all the takings which it had earned.

This man came and took the lot and he was not going to leave it had been an hour and he took the entire contents of it all. I was so pleased. But B said if it had been night I would have won and he has taken the joys out of it having taken the lot.

Mother was displeased she did not know what to say.

"Did you do something?"

"I haven't touched it."

"Well someone must have tampered with it."

There is no use speaking about things which we can't change so I am just leaving a note speaking about the bad feeling which we all have. The evil wicked feeling of someone frustrated trying to pick children who would do wicked.

I do not destroy children in our world a child deserves not addiction but love. So having sorted the whole thing left the premises. The customers left too. They had been so excited about the whole damn thing. And no one came because they all livid and hungry for what that man had benefited from. He went and had a smashing life or time.

When Z began to wear hot pants and they came back again. They gazed at her sexy legs and we were all amused except Z. She began to scream she likely to become the hottest property ever. Adam and Eve said ma we must marry her off.

Meanwhile the winner of the fruit machine was not going to leave our minds settled on having the thrill of hearing of his adventures. As nerds go we were baffled and thrilled to know he had left town or something.

Someone said he had a down payment on many women and some others said he had a down payment on something else. His legend grew as our shop diminished.

When that happened the fruit machine came back.

The man came trying for it to give some of the time he got some of the times he lost. That was life I thought he would never benefit again like he had done. He had a long something and he placed it in the side of the fruit machine that was why the machine gave so much money. A cheat really.

The returns were the keynote to the whole success of the business my father told the vendor who did away with the highest thing he got rid of the whole on the bottom. One just cannot trust humans to do the right thing they are all crooked.

Sad really..

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