Uncut diamond

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Chapter 20

Mother said when she had returned to Cyprus that her dad had saved cola for her in the little hay and some of the things like melons and stuff, He was so pleased to have her back. She did not mention her mother Gold and she said that when Pink saw her she had a fit.

I might be mistaken Pink was not one to react in fact she was made of stony silences. Pink's motherly heart wept she did not want the same thing happen to her only child. Zeks was the child of that oddity called Pink. Get over it she did not but you must get over it.

She called her child and the child burning with resentment called her a wicked dirty woman wife of no one and she slept outside. Homeless hopeless without the right of anything nothing to her name. Not even plot of land or a deed in the house. She was just a bottom and she knew it at that.

So Pink had a fit? Of course because she had feelings.

Mess and Gold have a complicated relationship which I am useless at explaining. Never mind how it all began. So Gold told her she was unable to deal with a shew and so Mess in order to earn something went instead of Gold. There I explained it? Their relationship was bloody and relatives. But that Mess loved to work for money meant she able to have the deeds to her house.

So my Mess went to see about a wedding and she went without Gold as Gold was babysitting they took mother as well? I do not know she was a virgin she said and was willing to marry a murderer. Had a difficult thing she had been caught with her cousin nothing had happened but you know what the gossip say.

The flies in the meat did not disturb them no they ate heartily and a bond formed. Mother asked for bread and cheese and she ate so delicately that they all became involved in the drink and the luxury of it all.

Dad fitted that description he had become a killer by accident he had kicked to death someone. He could not remember how it started they had been mates drinking when they had a thing about who was fibbing over something. The violence happened that they did nothing to prevent not a lovers quarrel dad would insist someone put something in my drink. His diabetic maybe that was it? I do not know he came out the loser he had to fight the hang man as in those times a hanging issue.

My mother coming over meant she a whore who would save him as he would save her. You see it was a done thing a whore would become a man's freedom because it would mean she is saved. And versa versa. Well who knows what that means in these days they work in Soho but back than they had to live in the community,

Not everyone's cup of tea but the people came asking for their son. It made them so happy so they piled on some more drink.

And as they could see the daughter had both arms and legs even had a strapping figure so what went wrong with the thought behind these nice couple? They did not think they too might be done for? No such thing entered their minds. They knew so much as a man came on horse back and whispered to them what she had been and had done. It made no difference they would soon have more heirs to till the earth with.

"She is not blind is she?" asked the over joyed clan.

"No she has perfect vision." said the marriage broker in the old days they had them they made sense of doing the whole wedding properly. They even did make up and that was not all they had the household income sorted and all that. But that would not happen because the head of the household would not budge on anything but his own concerns,. Durmush was a tight fisted old man without a morsel of fucking energy but to save money and work men to death.

"In fact she saw your son galloping so handsomely and she thought she was in some inclination." Said Mess delicately.

"Well that is a bit of inclination hundred kilometres or more coming to seek the man of her dreams?"

"How unkind sir." Said mother in something of a sprint.

She was ready to get up and leave her dad was waiting for her and she did not want to wait that long.

"She has some land."

"Even so."

"We dislike over eagerness."

"Pa I love to see more of her."

"If she wore her dress tighter you will; just sit still."

"Pa I would love to as well." said someone who came with the herd he was so black that Zeks shuddered with the fright. She was not going to wed she had no intention of doing so. The man in the saddle frightened her but she knew his type very well.

"Wait your turn." said the man who saw what she wanted. It was so romantic a girl a woman is a fool she would say. As she trembled with it all. The whole thing was she wanted a man on a horse and she got one. When he did not ride again she was awkwardly placed he was not the man for her in fact she said it often enough she was more of a man than he was. There is not a moment of a crush which is not told here she felt it then he said something she liked him. Her infatuation grew.

"So is it a engagement party then?" said Mess at the end of her patience, She just thought they were a glum and awkward people but the people who would make her into something. A silk purse or somehow better. They owned two villages.

The coffees came and they sat down and it was settled. It was that quick.

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