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Chapter 21

The wedding was such a good idea she always wanted to marry threw the ring into the sea. I can't marry without love there is no love in his eyes either. Look it is okay not to love when marriage starts then love brews it is like tea. I did not know it would not brew he only drunk coffee and I drunk tea. It was no use.

"Mother it is no use."

"I fear there is every use in the wedding dress. Saved the wedding gown can become the crown of the future. Children love that thought of parents being married."

For some it made no difference for others it did nothing. I am noting it down what does it feel like to have a marriage when the only thing in common is that he cares to hurt you? Mother said it out loud but there was no one listening. The ghosts had spoken to Gold and told her that if nobody wed than another death on the way.

But the wedding was such a thing to have said Gold. But I have thrown the engagement ring into the sea? No not really mum she disliked the way Gold looked at her it got lost when I went in dived in and there is no chance I can reclaim it. Never meant to be mum?

"But it is not wise to let go of such a man."

"He is always shooting birds we cannot eat all them birds mum."

"We will pickle them."

"I am making a mistake mum." Zeks knew this because a woman with a past her kind of past made the husbands mad. She would be killed off made into something worse a good thing did not happen again. She would lose her youth married women did not look nice they just were spent before their time.

Her young self was leaving them as they spoke as if the ideal image of her own self had been this blurry image. Unwed woman were the best. Marriage meant doing the business with no money nothing more to gain. Every night she could earn a lot more than this? She wished she had not come she wished she did not arrive in this land she wished that she had a choice.

"I have no say in this?"

"No say of course without you the marriage does not happen." said Gold and the tart inside them both blazed out. The tart that was the image of the tart Gold had lived next to a brothel she had many admirers she got married at eleven she killed her eight children so what?

But the image of Zeks pleading with her made no sense she disliked weaklings. Why is Zeks weak because she had left the comfort zones and came to Cyprus when she should not have done so. She thought that in Cyprus it would be a easy ride. She can think again there is nothing of the sort here life is hard here.

The sun shining on one from morning until break time that is what working is like. She knew she managed that land and did the work. Her husband helped but she did most of the work.

His passion was to cut and entwined and then mate the trees she bought the manure and made it happen the gardens thrived under their joint custodianship. She was the brain behind this marriage she could make it work. The conjoined families who needed each other was like a garden otherwise they would perish and die.

"Nothing of the sort I married your dad look how happy we now are."

Zeks happiness left her. She had nothing to leave her she told her the land was barely making the three adults live on. If it was not Pinks efforts sometimes they would have no fuel. The necessity made her cringe.

Zeks started to cry. She couldn't stop it she howled it was so unusual for her to show emotion. Even on that night she had not cried now she felt dejected almost losing the only thing her composure made her mad. She did not care for this woman who controlled her future who had madden her who had got rid of her who had now enslaved her. She hated this garment of fucked up mediocrity and she hated her she hated her.

"I'll never be good again." She vowed, " I will harm all that I can."

Gold shrugged and said nothing it would not affect her she did not care to be told that the girl would do some harm she could handle it. But if she did not Mess was always there to take them up and dust them. She would leave it to her.

They were in that grooms seaside resort and Zeks was wearing as her mother could see something see through. She could never handle incest unless she did it. She was a difficult God faring woman and nobody will take her for such a ride. She could just picture this idiot doing the rounds and telling everyone how happy she had been.

Heavens she could have his baby and that would make it triple incest because the daughter was his and so would the grandchild. She just could not do it. The thought justified the thoughts would never leave her. She went level and there was a ugly glare.

"Come to my level and I will damn you forever."

The girl began to sob even more. She so weak such a weakling she will not survive she will unless she did not conceive. There is almost malice there inside of Gold if something did not happen she would drown that girl.

She hated the girl if it was not her own she would have done some damage but her mother was hers. She was Pink her only child and this child was Pinks only child. What else can she give to her but a family something to fight with someone to do with business dealings and hope for the future in her babies.

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