Uncut diamond

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Chapter 22

How on earth was it going to go ahead when the man was uncouth a jail bird the more he spoke the more he grated on her nerves. He began to go to the toilet a lot he had his incapacity. He had die rah. He did not know it what disagreed with him. She knew it had been her brother. She did meals and he could not hold on to it. She just laughed maybe he would die and she would inherit the lot.

The inept man was to her liking she did not dislike him she knew men very well and she would bleed him dry. Love is a kind of a death of a person because one becomes someone else. Less or more one cannot say it does ennobles but then it can shame.

When one walks through time in the foraging of the mind what can one see but setbacks and disasters which someone had made for themselves and for you? Well it is just not nice what I had to go through. I am sorry but it is not right that I went through these mines on my own.

"He stepped on some himself."

"Well it is not right he did why I would have protected him if I was not being vilified by his spouse."

We must protect each other and we do from each other.

"You see. You see there is no problem to be worrying yourself over." Said Gold laughing and then she began to fall for the man. He loved her tits and they made out on the sofa and the thing was her father spent time looking at them. He seemed most upset unsettled and she laughed out the more.

He spent three months with her before he tried to escape. He was found wandering in some confusion with another woman. He said he had no intention of marrying and she was a tart. He had left her he said to go marketing for a home and he was not even doing that he when asked was looking for a real proper wife.

"When they said to him it is not done to seduce an innocent naive girl and leave her to rot with them all speaking?"

He baffled tried to hit the man and then walked off before the police could be called. But they were called and he had broken his parole so he had to satisfy justice.

Before the wedding he tried to escape again he went to another part of the building telling his father she was a whore. His dad said very kindly we will deal with that. He did not want her hurt or harmed but she was not right. Not like his ex his cousin whom he had wed for seven years. She did not like him anymore so married his brother.

His brother having got the whole of it. He had the kids and all that he was happier than ever he had been and he got the office job a policeman. He just said brother you done it now. You must marry her because I do not want my wife in your house without a woman to take care of it.

The sirens the alarms should have rang but the groom was not even aware of his folly. The others were in total control. What did it matter to us to them to the whole family when a woman had to be re housed made a new mask of than to totally love the situation she had been in?

The wedding date has been set he thought he did not want it he shivered in some heat, He had no idea when a brilliant thought came to him. He would migrate to London the moment the wedding was over. Like them birds he planned it very carefully he had two passports they did not know him in the immigration office he had never used his passport. Money means opportunity everything at his disposal.

When humanity is dying this is what we do to survive. The war broke out the moment the words were spoken the war had broken like waters having broken. That and the mistakes the mistaken identities which said the wedding banns had been sent to the wrong venue. Instead mother got married in a barn. In a barn me she was so enraged, She a daughter of her dad Suleiman had been married in a barn? She stamped her feet.

That was the day the grim reaper came to stay indoors making nothing known as the death sentence on the marriage was said over and over again.

That night he took it out in turns to tear her wedding gown to pieces and then rape her repeatedly. She was in such tatters but as a wife she could not complain. She could never complain again he told her she had to remain silent. She had to behave he told her first signs and he would wrung her neck. Like a chicken like a chicken.

Weddings do not lead to desires it kills youth mother said. That we misbehaved in life before we wed but everyone is so silly. We as girls have become the clowns of thinking. Girls are so silly. They do misbehave girls do. There is not much else to say about me mother said the moment I got wed I died, She said this is my corpse a walking one which you might see every day walking there is not much time left he is going to kill me. She added just listen to what I am going to say. You must never leave me because I will die if you do.

The strength in me left there is nothing the matter with you mother. That is when I said there is not much to expect from the men they do not want to understand they do not care for us at all.


"Nothing just say nothing to him."

Family row something unkind what was it all about.

She then felt it the great shock the gravity of her own situation she fell to the ground begging me to stop going not to leave the house that she is the key note moment. I did not stop left the house wanted to enjoy the man. In some delight and then thought might have to go back to see how she was.

I could never enjoy my life here if she was in want. It is a curse or something? I did not know what to say when I returned she was stand offish. That we live in this life to make others happy.

"I disliked her." He said always. When she destroyed our lives distorted the facts? Made it madness instead things to be dealt with? I did not know what it would do the long bitterness which would ensue everything not done I feel helpless that did not do the right thing not by her but by us.

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