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Chapter 24

Zeks night of her wedding this is the first Zeks she had a story to tell when she said words she said them proper until I grew up and frowned upon her stories because unsuited to my ears. She said listen to me all the time. Listen too me and I switched to another provider did not listen and did not like the adverts, The adverse affect on me was I refused to grow up. I did not like the marriage I wanted to be courted romanced and do the very basics like petting disliked the idea of marriage because of all that mother Zeks the first said.

If one is not prepared to believe me then of course one can study other authorities.

So dad growing bored with mother Zeks wailing and she hated the work. She just would sit there moaning and groaning as the work piled up. She just could not even be bothered to wash herself or the dishes. She was a woman who was all used up. I begged the doctor for a nurse she wanted one too? Yes but the doctor said it would be too much of an expense.

It would have been less of an expense if that had happened. So in this story of two countries which has a common crown we die and lose the plot of who is who. Which country I'm I talking about? It was London. But then I am going to the rape scene and it is Cyprus. So these two countries one or two robberies and one or two murders simple usual tale of cities.

The night of the wedding was a rape ordeal she just said it finished me as a woman. She just did not want to know anymore. She lusted for woman wives before but when she got that night as a reward for being with women who took care and were aware she went somehow more into evil.

I was a kid listening to something I should never.

She pretended to be someone else she pretended she did not notice girls and little girls and whatever it took she took her pleasure. She said the night of the rape took the pressure from her. She disliked him before her husband but when he destroyed her body to pleasure himself as if she no object she just did not weep she just set out to destroy him.

When she sets out on something she did and would. They had the constant arguments and that made it worse the way forward would have been to stay separate. But she had no working knowledge of the system and did not know what to do to earn her living. By that time there was me and her little girl. B was still a baby. They got on so well in this world.

They were so singular they did everything together, The wall was not ate for nothing they had been in that bed within the wall. Eating that wall made me seem little less fanciful. She did not believe that being interned near the bed was a matter of doubt. When that happened she was brought some sense to her. She began to listen she did share the concerns but she said only when in Cyprus people went to school. But in London they were here to work.

We were being trained to work and toil. I downed the toils working for the likes of the rich, Their meanness sent me back home to work at the cafe. You see young people are so seriously silly. In the 1960's we had a different mother then the plastic surgery happened and we got one even better. She was a machine. But time for that later.

I said okay let us try it for awhile. That surely will not harm them not for a while. So we agreed and dad smiled he said she has outwitted you. Honey she said she has not. I know what I am doing. That made her so determined she took the children to school herself. Just to see where the school was. She was satisfied the school not far from home.

She was sort of fond of me but did enjoy her child. She washed her and did all with her that a mother would. The nurses came to weigh the child and this she rejoiced in. From being in a incubator her child had now become full grown. She was happiest when she happy. Just a normal mum. She then got bigger and not bright when we suggested school mother was horrified away from her influence what if she learnt terrible things thoughts and did away with herself. I said it would be okay and took care of it. There was almost this relief when Z came home not having been molested or spoilt.

We do not know whose child but dad said it was his very own.

Criminal behaviour is sussed out in the rooms in the little room in which we lived. It grew and it grew. There is nothing the matter with this lottery of chance. Claustrophobic and climactic we stayed still because dad did not want us to move. Not that one the drug addict.

"Pleased to meet you sirs and what else do you need what else does anyone think about me what you will. In the end I will deal you a blow unique."

She dealt so much blows she did not know she doddering fool and made off. That we do not pressure you to work harder and harder. When you got three kids a man who dislikes work and is nothing to anyone. Well she described dad. She did indeed think him so beastly and little like a toy husband after that night he did no more harm she saw to that.

When a woman is raped and her husband has a law something what does prevent them from killing each other.

The children. Yes because of this they did not kill each other until she walked out of the house and never returned. In the 1975. I did not miss her thought the woman who replaced her was a right one. She knew how to cook did everything right and I could read all the books in the library.

Did not eat much did not do much for the next three years. My time out. I did all that.

That is why she had to have kids around her when she scream she would be able to have them hear. Doors banging and then shutting there it was a lady with mother in the bath having the talk and somewhere a man masturbating.

"We can't meet like this."

"We have no more love but this is the only love."

Both women in some shudders.

I am a little girl about six or eight outside the door trying to look through the keyhole.

"A nasty naughty child."

Then ran for it there is somewhere there is someone listening to that sound going on and on. Bad enough when we loved to hear from you now we have nothing in common. The common language of a victim is shrill. I am a victim so forgive me for being that shrill woman.

This is a country which says enjoy everything and everyone I am enjoying the lot. It is a fact of life when we made sure that everyone was safe and secure it meant business. We had such enjoyment back than when everyone was writing fiction. They did in the old days write nothing but fiction now we have to write more factual as facts are worse than fiction. I could never have made up these facts. The fiction would have given me a headache I just follow the lead of the leads which led to this.

When someone like me has been robbed of her own self and then cast adrift on the system which says one can work limited and earn even less. When everyone has a key to success except that woman called me. When illness comes and there is nothing else but to thank and beg mercy at the same time. When time does not stand still everyone moves on except me stood still waiting with the cap in hand for the fool to come and collect the obvious thoughts he has scattered.

His wife is waiting for him it is eleven o'clock when he has to have sex with her.

The thing is why me?

That he has to come and come again and tell me that is what he is doing at that hour because he is tired of pretending. It is as if he has gone fishing and says he has a bite. He is nothing if not odd.

Well never mind it is not only mum who is odd. People I know have become odd and life is oddness itself. I do not understand what it is why it makes me sad but when the person I loved the most says he has to do that sort of thing he puts me off.

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