Uncut diamond

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Chapter 25

It is still dark but there is someone out there who cares for me. I am still displaced somehow confused that in there I am hanging onto something. That the cleaner inside the walls masked the cleaner out. That there is nobody to do the work because the people in Cyprus do not worry where the money is coming from because with a legal marriage they can take the lot.

Mother's daughter was married to someone a Mafia boss and he culled the line and dotted the tees he has now become broke? Do not say that he can rob a bank to pay the bills.

Kess is a small petit woman the spitting image of her dad. I did not know she had a daughter she said she had. Pink when she was Pink the next door neighbour who moved in married dad and sent him to the grave howling and gnawing is that the story so far? It is because one killing is never enough. There has to be a lot in order to make the job right.

So having kick started everything in fact it is a fact that there is a moment in life when evil rules because everyone thinks it does not happen. Because of this when that happened to this small country called Cyprus everybody is sad because such a beautiful land with beautiful people so friendly. So do they ask what these people live on?

That is when she sent them money so he and she could stay married what a deal what a deal I work and work and she sends the money to them? They feed me chicken and hope for the best. Look don't say we do not give you nothing.

I want to know what there is for afters but he has taken his wife to bed so happily married after thirty years still able to carry her and like a doll drop her to bed.

They had wed when she was eight.

He went to jail for her never charged because they had come to an arrangement otherwise he would have married me. Or someone else. I do not know he did offer because he wanted the lands. He said he had been punished enough he disliked his wife or something once broke her arm there was a scene when the mother so concerned said some words and they made it up. The mother Zeks concerned? Well yes she said it was not done or something then volunteered to do my arms in. As the replacement type..

So he made the move he made the good move as always to unseat me. I just forge ahead with the stuff they keep on coming to rob us all. Close the doors the shutters and the girl will open them and nick outside for a bit and never return the same.

Life is not extinct in this house and I am now privileged to be on my own. The clock ticks and there are the birds to feed. I fed them already there was a woman walking alone her husband must have passed on. She nods her face thicker than I remember it. She does not smile there is only recognition and some words. No smiles and she used to smile all the time. She just glares as I place the bird seeds on the area I usually do. A car passes by as if it is edging towards us. Then it slowly passes away.

I am not happy I am just content there is no way we do not know what is going to happen. We have let go of it all and now what have we got? To live for what have we got to live for? But this she is saying she has nobody to walk with her she had friends she had a husband now she is walking on her own seeing this mad woman feeding the pigeons.

I am sadden by this reaction it is as if there is no masks anymore when this pandemic hit us we know whom we talk warmly to and we know whom we do not. Social distancing when many people congregate into a small area and whisper talk and demand when there is someone else they whisper as worst things happen.

Someone fell as he was trying to get up after carrying them stones. I was not there it was not my fault but the neighbours began to whisper they said it was sad. I thought the man had died but he did not relieved. I am relieved to see that man alive? Well it would have been another of them faults.

Dad goes to this place for instructions I am aware it is a DIY shop. I do not like it. Maybe he has bought that shop as well as there is no service and everything is not what one wants.

Young people must be married off but when the parents have not worked all their lives and can still afford them houses matches and stuff one wonders? I think it is the whole thing the point why because they are now so used to theft they think it is a way of life.

That we have now the brains to steal ideas stuff land and houses and get away with the legality of it all. Because the deeds are ours the sins are ours. Mother's child Kess would have inherited this house. Because mother would have willed it to her.

They have it in for me?

Of course we have it all now. This is business.

So having sorted this out in my head in my mind why is the girl or the son the reality of behaving in something called the youth the young because they think they need someone. It calls nature calls and they beckon as if in the light flashing and drumming the thoughts the thoughts which never leave the industrious parents society who have lost it on everything. Because it is not to come to a house pretending after plastic surgery one is someone else. It is not right at all.

In Cyprus they are all kings and no one wants to work so by a magic wand they have got the better of us all. By marriage by robbery and murder. We lived life so simply back than. Nowadays it is not so easy. Because authority has gone mad society has sickened and there is almost this vulnerability in us as we search for answers because answers left us. We have now the quests which we had never before realised we had.

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