Uncut diamond

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Chapter 26

Institutions said they were in it for the money protecting buildings and not people like me. They barred closed their gates and when night came they did say they had the things which I thought was a right.

Institutions are all about money and what did you give to this country unemployed un-liked and totally not like us. With this remark they sent me packing again and again as if a flea in my ear.

When they sat me down and made me fear to go outside into the big wide world. My word is not believed? I sigh it is not going to be heed. I am telling this story so that someone else like me will not have to go with the flow of prejudice and all that. Class systems are never going to work for the victims of abuse. Because it is not only one abuse it is disability inheriting something which is their own codes and sometimes the personality of that person becomes a jerk stand offish. Because when a person is abused they are done and ask anybody who has been a victim it changes one forever.

I realise it is sense but when the dad is for example like mine? Fed coddled and protected by the clan because he makes more money than I do.

Today it is all about profit. What makes a profit what makes money. What works for the likes of the liked.

"Don't go for second rate put yourself in its place enough enough."

"My that is one fucking song."

Why is it because it makes sense of everything. We love words which make the holy sense to this world. We are the worst fools in the world Monkeys have more sense.

"Come on honey."

"Yes that is right take off your gear and go bananas."

To think that is the new sense which people adhere we love the sense she makes. We all love the holy grail of the new nonsense come on lads an ladies we are so involved we do not suspect we are being told what to do? Nonsense? Of course hard core it is too.

The genius of that song it is that it is so Ranch like going whole the way. Of course if someone can help her man find the way he would find it out. He eventually became a jerk let us now pray. Just like a clown we do. Wedded bliss like a prayer. Come on down we will give you papa money as well and it rains pours down on their heads not on ours.

Did you all notice that. He and she have written a song and brought the world to its knees and then they came and robbed the worst possible woman me.

I am not speaking anything but that. Robbed nearly murdered because they were having a ball to stop it.

Not much has gone wrong with that type of second best? Having the time that makes me a markswoman I aim to shot that song to pieces.

This is a show it must go on.

We must believe in this the world is the oyster of sex. We believe in sex hail Marys have been said. Helluuhah has been dismembered. We are wearing this world now we have to stay at home thinking. It has unsettled everyone.

Mary Mary quietly gone out and the light in her eyes have left us. Yes come on my dear let us have a shag. It is after all legal and we must use the licence in the right way.

In life there is also death unfortunately death is more boring. More of the same bored boring and death is predictable in the same place honey in the same place? Move it love because he is bored I need time to go out and flaunt it around.

A new misfortunes have come to light we love everyone and everything and it is appreciative of everything that people think about us. Yes of course it is alright you did the right thing.

We are simply delightful to see that the world has given us the glory and all that in fact given us the glory and you the gory. We forget not why we lived life we lived life to enjoy. Yes how it would have made a difference to know there had been a closure.

Instead of the revolving door?

Yes to know that he had had enough for good and that he did not need me anymore. But she and he came and took and took and that's not right it is daylight robbery.

Let us hope it does not happen again celebrity robbery is the unkindness cut.

"We have now opened a new chapter in our lives."

"At least you can. I could not leave even that shop door. Trapped unable to speak and that made me duller than a pig being slaughtered."

"So when I was slaughtered they went off to their honeymoon."

"When a dog would have had a better treatment?"

"Well he paid for the honeymoon we did not enjoy as much as we thought."

"Well we needed time away so we could do somethings mend the marriage which we had just entered into."

"You didn't expect me to forgo the honeymoon did you?"

"Not exactly how would it have fared if it had been you?"

Her lips snapped shut in the awful manner she had when she not amused. To think a happy couple get married and some maid says she narrowly killed and they have to stop everything to be near by? Why it is not on. Well that makes it robbery what you are doing me dears.

"Don't go for second rate."

"To think you would have minded our happiness.."

"He is a fool."

"Why is it that it is not his fault?"

"Thoughtless if he only had a thought besides the apes."

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