Uncut diamond

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Chapter 27

Free nice women from themselves free them so that they do not weep forever as the man legs it. Forever in themselves they loved and loved. I cried while they did so. I could not help myself then my rivers ran dry. I am so sorry but when my heart hardened towards him. He saw it. He saw my heart grow hard as a rock.

This man cage was too much even for me? No it was love dying it was lover becoming smarter I went to do the smart thing change a career do something else. My esteemed rival came to see what I was doing. She just had to come to college to make sure I did not succeed. Why because she just was the only one who could succeed. For five years she just did the autopsy on why I was not crying. She just had to know.

There is no respect between her and me? We are very fond of each other she is so charming I am so charmed. Look when a woman such as her wants to find out about things one does as one is told. I totally understood it was no big deal.

So she came and we sat in opposite chairs and she listened as she asked the question how are things and for an hour a week I told her. I totally got the point of it. When in my final Masters year I began to brag about being brainy she dropped me.

Well she disliked that she read the report the report on my dyslexia and she just went pale. I did not know the reason as she kept the report phoned my doctor and scammed in some heat. She had a depressed daughter she had to deal with. Oh really I was so sad to see her leave the university. She smiled sadly yes she had to be there for her daughter. I did not care to see why she pregnant as she had been and she still moving around as she a kid. But she said she had always been strong and then said her womb had been taken. I smiled as she felt her stomach. She had made a mistake? I had no idea I had no idea why she had reacted like that.

You see when someone hates somebody else it gets a bit complex. I mean one knows them and if one is not into that type then one does not know them. Her husband found out about her pregnancy. There was a almighty row and she said the honeymoon was over. I was doing something in the print room so could not assist them. Otherwise I would have.

Normal intelligence even below average the report said. So why she there ? She asked herself. Well the report could be wrong? I suggested. But she had to leave she said with a level voice. She had to leave. I wished her well. I was almost tearful.

I was making such a fool of myself. My only mistake was giving her some art work. Do not give a person like that art work. The dip stick and everything would follow you around like something in hots. I just said nothing and then wept to see her leave then forgot about the whole thing. She then was begot some intelligent fact that she in fact the thing to have all my art work.

I blame myself. All of this is my fault if I had not given her some art work she would not now be following me around trying to take them. No really the art work is precious. Then someone comes and tries to destroy these artefacts, I do not understand how anyone can't see what has happened to me?

As usual it is not art they are only after but the house and the things inside. I do not know what that is?


Mayhem ensued.

From being a good girl I had become sarcastic. I mean I actually was on a boat riding towards the University near Christmas and went on deck when it was foggy and the man called do not enter that deck it is dangerous and then I hopped it back on board. Some hopeful was looking at me as if the stern was the key to his success. It must be one of the family I thought.

I did not know I said but there was a grim expression on the dour face. This was bigger than anything I could cope on my own and the thing was one could not rely on anyone. So I just did not know what to do. The kid my niece at fourteen was being stalked so I just did not know how to protect her. So then the things started to really go wrong.

I could never reason like everybody else. That is my main problem so that made sense to me but what had happened to her? I had told her the report had said above average. So when she found it was below she did not care for the damn thing. I had made the government pay 350 pounds for the report as well.

I did not get that?

Nor did it begin to make sense in fact when I did get everything sorted in my head the thing was a bit peculiar. So ran into some money problems soon after with the loan people making statements and remarks about the student loan. Then I just ignored them. The thing was had no job because they all said I was not employable and when I took the money from the social they said I was not using my time wisely. Tried to get assistant teaching jobs the whole thing was closed. I had arrived too late. Too late for a assistant job? Yes it is now a highly lucrative craft. I just was no use. I went to do the garden work the only work involved which somehow saved money around the house.

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