Uncut diamond

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Chapter 3

I am sat down in the house not the cafe we have moved in some dudgeon because the whole thing went a bit affray. We had to move because we were being haunted by something she had made the whole street turn against her. She set us on fire. She made us the object of ridicule and that turned the whole neighbourhood against her and then us. She said no to the customers when they asked her for a date. She then told them who must never know what had happened. The customer always right but she said them not never going to be in the right.

"Filth scum we are not going to eat what you cook. Old hag cow and that and the other."

The oily frying pan and the grill masking the reality of con and that is what this is about? I feel it is more than that. Murder as well as con.

When a girl says worst things to a man that man runs out and never looks back. He did just that. His wife came looking for him his wife said I should take care of the house and home and not looking for the stuff for me. I being suggestible did that. I got the obvious wife for the price of a steak. I got the worse of it he did not come out of it. He was in so deep.

"Rat he is a rat."

"Run for it she has gone berserk again."

"Well it is that."

"The running water has stopped."

"The gas has become a danger to us all."

"He has no idea it can be fatal."?

In a world of make believe he had heats all night long. Look he had been working hard.

Shame on him he should have left his credit card.

I would never spend his over draft.

Mother meanwhile had her own troubles she said the foolish young men said something disrespectful and she was going to tell them off.

She took a stick to hit them with I went after her dad did not he was minding the shop. He said she will not return I will not have her when she returns. Sensing something terrible was going to happen I leapt to the right conclusion went and said mum come back.

Saw her surrounded by a gang of youths about ten and went and said "Come back leave them it is not right come we need you." The gang who were ugly stayed still looking she had a look she stopped too. Both sides at a stand off then laid down their arms.

"Mum be quick. I will not be able to hold them so long."

"Why come for me why do such a thing. Placing yourself in danger too?"

"Mum shush."

"Okay I am coming." She limped and came back to the shop.

Dad gave her a quick look then went to his paper. He had a boring day.

I was shaken did not call the police there was a pile of things to do I was a teenager dealt with it did not I?

She got us the sack from the shop.

This is a change of point of view we see things now instead of me there is Zeks who is known as the mother. We do know them both this is her side of the story. We do know this to be wise too much good can kill a story.

I as the mother of this situation of errors which she has made has made me the laughing stock. Did I not teach her anything? She just is so stupid just a little date but she told him the blockhead and he said no way. He protected her from than onwards then he tries to rape her and the police are called. She locked that man her pretend father in the larder and he spends the night there driven mad. He has a fear of confined spaces it destroyed him. He came home so frightened he never said anything wise or good again.

What use is a body without that? Sex what use is a body when the mating rituals can't take place. She will not have it.

She is so creepy she creeps around touching the walls she is nothing to do with us at all. We are normal people who get around have fun do stuff she does nothing but day dream lives in her head she is nothing to do with me but I fear for her and with her it is like I have to be nice good and comfortable getting on my nerves that is.

She is a child like character almost a child she believes in good she does good for others is a do good trash and she does charity. Volunteers and she does things she makes cakes for free. A odd ball someone who is not right in her head. She has no sense no money sense she does work and for what? Pittance everyone takes advantage of her as if she is nothing no one no rights. She does not say how much she just says thank you. Will she leave home like that? Will she survive if she did? What is wrong with her?

Knock some sense into her? There is nothing inside her no harm that man her dad must put sense into her otherwise I am here with her forever. I only came to have some fun and re marry after her half sister stole my man.

They gave me a old man for a young man. I guess I made a mistake because the children my children are gone away to some foreign land where they have become something. Not right it is never right to let go of ones kids. This girl is driving me nuts will she leave home? So that my kids can come home?

She is never unkind she is always kind to me speaks gently as if she understood but I want my kids my life back there is nothing the matter with me if only she would take her smiling face and get the hell out. There I said it. This is the whole facts this is my life I put it out and out. Now her dad said I would have this house as it is mine and the kids but what has happened? She stands in my way blocks me.

There is nothing but work and sitting in this armchair all the time watching the television with the same stars starring endlessly in something and that makes me old and odd. I have nothing. No one really and there is she startling me with the sudden comings and goings as if telling me she knows my secrets and damn stuffy about everyone in the family. The rich family she knows because I made sure she did. But she did not even blink an eye. She said not her money and did not envy them bitches and their gentlemen because they were sinister and did not do right.

Wearing a straight face I asked her why she felt that way. Because wearing a gown a gown is so right in this world. She said because a gown did make a proper figure of fun. When one had to pay the retail price out of ones flesh. My goose bumps went right into the night the things she said that one paid with ones flesh for the clothes on ones back. I am that afraid she be a wicked witch after all.

The others I can out wit they have nothing but badness in them. Their husbands are all of them old friends they have the giggles every time they see me. The little grandchildren are the surest things in this world. They are normal crooked and never dull. This other girl woman is petrifying she is so dull. She reads and writes and now heaven's she has began to paint as well. I am so unwilling to use my brain but must see if I know what she does. Because without knowing I cannot beat her. She has to be beaten she is driving me mad getting on my nerves why does she not die or leave home.

But this one is that kind and good one is in the wrong all the time as if the mistakes the misunderstandings are all cleared up and we cannot do anything but behave. Why it is worse sometimes than being cooped up with an elderly aunt. She has no sense of fun and there is no funny business like some women care to. She is almost like a saint she does not only maim the people around her she hates me still? She does not speak about her feelings when we make passes at her she ignores them not parenting right she says.

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