Uncut diamond

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Chapter 32

When a bunch of prostitutes and pimps say they want to go straight and live life a normal life what happened to them? These are their stories stores of it. There is no untruth there is no lies in telling it as it is.

We knew we were in troubled times when some said mum was a decent woman a good wife and mother she worked harder than most when she was always unwell. How can someone work harder than most and be ill at the same time? She was never an easy woman to know if someone had told me that I was to be involved in some sex gang rapist and dudes all in the first fires of devouring everything I have I would have laughed at them.

As an ex auntie once said the only ones that matter are the captains in the ship. We may destroy the rivals. That said they do but it does not leave any bad feeling. And here it starts again hair pulling back stabbing ladies men what can you do about such filthy attitude?

These are real family relatives and you say such bad things about them. Well they do so many deeds which are bad.

"They can't all be bad?"

"Yes sure I can't answer everyone has done at least one murder."

"Even bloody Pink and she started as a good woman a dancer a woman who was stupid."

"Why she murder and who?"

"Her step father uncle."

"Why she murder him?"

"Because he was going to rape me."

"She stopped it. I could never have her to to jail it would have killed her so spent the rest of them years pretending."

"Why she do it why she know anything about rape?"

"Her child the first Zeks was her daughter."


"Because he went into her kitchen and told her it would not hurt."

Her mother did not mind?"

"She had dad."

"Wasn't he a bit young?"

"What does it matter the novel is not going right look it is what it is."

"So let me draw a diagram first and foremost Gold is a vain woman. She has her life ahead of her she is not pretty."

"She marries murders eight of her children."

"But first she has Pink."

"Then Pink has to grow up."

"But some idiot sits on her."

"Her mind leaves her that is Pink's not Gold's. Gold the mum wants to make it right for her."

"Then Gold marries again."

"He then gets inside Pink."

"Suleiman the husband of Gold is also the father of Zeks who is the daughter of Pink. Now we are sorted what else do you want?"

"But Pink could never inherit?"

"Well yes."

"So where does that leave us all?"

"Fucking nowhere."

"Pink has a daughter who despises her in fact she says if she says I am her daughter I would have kicked her killed her maimed her. Smelly woman who did not wash that was Pink." I had been listening when a child but did not know the significance of it all. Just like the psychologist.

"Someone died be quiet."

"Who is there any children?"

"Well there is."

Continue fighting for it. The fight is almost done for me I am so thirsty. Drink this? Well I am not stupid it might be poisoned.

Everyone is their own captain if their ship survives than that makes for their own happiness. Come let us now prey. For some itches do not leave one alone they inch towards a goal only to have to let it go. Going straight is not what it was. So they have taken to doing both prostitution and theft and all that makes for a good life. They sometimes cheat at school but their parents teach them the job at the post office or the bank and they manage. Their acumen is inside them. Cunning and all that.

Because of being beastly to us all you are now longer required. I think being a authority on you lot is what makes me tick.

"You are fired."

"Fired yes I suppose so."

I took that laying down. I am supposed to have a smile on my face as they kick me in the face.

I am supposed to be always truthful and then when I am not nothing goes right for me. I am the unlikely person to have to go through this.

"You tick all the boxes of a writer."

"Indeed I am always a author."

"Not always."


"Flirting aside. I make this one real the story line is reality television. Well inside the houses. We do not see anything but the television so television more real than anybody can see? Authority on everything we ask their advice for the very thinking we left behind."

"You made a grammatical error."


The wholesome veneer is such that they will now destroy the entire world rather than admit to their past livelihood. We have thrown the bath water with the baby.

Sudden like a bomb explodes in there adding to the general chaos of the world. I am thinking this is Indian New year and that makes it remarkable. That years change numbers and there is still things remaining the same.

Eventually there will be good things coming and not leaving? We have to sell ourselves. We must mass produce.

They have group effort and they are effectual when they are sober. They have charming personalities. Some even matter to others other than the family. They are always with their own sex because they do not care to be seen in the day light with the opposite sex. I mean that is what matters does it not modesty?

Then when they do have the murders it is not the kind of murder because they are straight. It is not kind to be kind is to be soft with them. They have children they have equal rights. Why rob me than?

I'm I to be fleeced all and throughout my life because the powerful do not recognise the fact that I am not just a mad woman?

They also said they into school work homework and they are all good scholars. They nod themselves in something but one can tell the difference they train as plumbers or other stuff but they have addictions one knows a addict but they also have children which makes them stay sober some of the time. From the gutters they come back to society clean and sober with a clean driving licence a new passport and a new past. They almost always have different passports because who knows when they might be found to out and make a run for it?

Not many people have all them passports? No they will not need them. But if you are a crook then you will.

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