Uncut diamond

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Chapter 33

When life risks losing the very things which are precious things that matter human dignity and the loss of that which we do deserve privacy. When we are treated as if we are the fools when we do not have a moment to ourselves. That someone else owns us.

"You are talking about ethics? Why that is old hat fashioned out of things dull." asked Jane disgusted with the whole thing no money in philosophy? It is not right to take time to discuss society and the whole ideas behind that this and what it makes stinky. She philistine because one pays and gets nothing for all that trouble. She hated philosophy and then thought that is what she would do to me. Because I loved philosophy,. In life one has to have rewards in order to learn.

"Ethical behaviours when we have moved on?"

"We are still here. Stuck in time and place unable to see beyond the end of our faces."

"How dare you be so critical."

"I just made a point."

"How dare you when you know nothing."

She is besides herself and she knows she does not interned herself inside this hole. Where there is interns who have wasted and waited then that makes the intern somehow the beastie. Critical is it not? I take a toothpick and try to pick my teeth. But the thing is not nice. She looks revolted at me.

"Can't you do that somewhere else?"

"You are in my space so I can do it here."

"My family own the world."

"There there."

The commercial is the thing with her?

"Well I am certain she is no cretin?"

"Who said she was? Just amoral."

Her husband was the only one who believed in her. She prefers women by the way,. When someone is infatuated with something other than himself then what does he seek but the fool? I was the fool he sought?

Life was so much more simpler when we were just man and woman. Look she tried to rape me. I told him he totally understood but was he listening? He just nodded his head and ably smiled. I knew then I did not like his smile. He was a doll or something a romantic he liked me being raped. He again nodded and smiled. I did not know what to do or think.

The sex act makes the men weaker? I did not know was she hypnotising him? He just lost out on everything I have been narrowly raped? Okay go ahead it sounds like a good idea. Well it did not.

I did not say a word because I was in fact very jealous. I went mad with jealousy and she seeing this was very satisfied. I thought the world of him when she saw how wonderful he was she had to have him. In the school days she had to marry having married him she thought she would be free. But you see marriage is not about setting someone free it is totally opposite.

She set the world on fires and she made history and histrionics and vocals and all that sort of thing. She is into everything she is over worked herself? Well she practically runs the charities. No one works except to put something up and down and that is all? She is the one with the funds. So whatever she says has to be done.

You see having this type in something like life is nothing to do with the discontent which some might have.

"As she has not succeeded in starving me because of Tom having fed me she has now fallen behind with her time scale."

Dad is a monster. Murders people for money.

So dad has come to do Tom in. Which is why he is staying over dad is a over rated father. Do not have someone like dad in the house. Myself I am such a good woman doing things for others? It is always safer to stay indoors.

"But when we don't know now that to sleep in something called a bed foreign we might catch something." I am referring to her family they all sleep in the same bed.


"You understand what I mean."

"I don't. Full stop."

"Come taking so many things for granted you not usually coy."

"I am in your face now why state that face into the punch bowl."

"I enjoy our chats."

"This is not right a cat fight first thing in the morning with the philosophy thrown in."

Who is this woman wailing in the soundless gaps of knowledge? Just another writer trying to put across points of view. What does it matter to you when the gusts of know how has increased and philosophy has died?

No one teaches philosophy anymore we found out we do not need to think. We do we do.

"We have become the new infected."

"We have been dying like flies so why?"

"Because we refuse to distance ourselves from each other we love each other so much."

"I love you some more."

Then carted off to the graveyard without a moments thought? Well come if you love someone or something now is the time to show them socially distance might save both of you.

"No kiss kiss."

"We have all become kissing clown."

"Madness set in because we went through a mad patch a president was mad."

"No don't honey it was never that."

"Well at least I tried. I also know the symptoms."

"But your madness is harmless."

"I know it mother."

"Some people just rob the tax payer."

We all need to sit down and think because without that we might all crash into something called us.

Then what else is there but to restore and restore things which made us all? We deny this to us without a smile and then be-warned beware we are wearing out time itself.

"You are lying about that family they come from good stock."

"Of course they all are in most of the common stews."

That Jane sees nothing of what it is to behave in something like a clandestine manner. She has settled in to destroy and that makes me the object of her glare. I am so pleased to see her. We now must pray for some clarity. She chairs most of the things which I want to get into so having that on my mind. I have set to come before her as this woman with the pitcher and see what life has to give to me.

As she has vowed to starve me as if I was a stray and all that. Then she says cooing words I mean also to rob you then starve you. I am so upset it is not nice it isn't right to behave so badly in this world when life is a short time. I mean we have a pandemic the whole world is dropping down like flies. Damn that is a nasty thought. Well it is makes everybody not right to think tomorrow we might be plagued and then we might pass away.

Fresh air and all that? Simplicity is the key to this thought. If the human race must survive they do not need to socialise. They must be within their own grouped selves and do not enter anybody else.

"Well it is why we are all dying."

"Yes we love death."

Hug hug kisses.

"We have become the reality of the lost causes. We can't stand it somewhere someone must set the record straight that we have been playing badly. "


"Yes we have taken something badly we have been treated to the plagues which God sends when we are troubled in something called too narrow spaces and need to broaden out. In the middle ages we had them plagues if you look through history that is when we had so much of it."

"But we love ourselves and each other."

"I know you all do. But you are killing it."

She has to have the last word and she has given everything away. She just does not understand what it is to be real and behave in the reality of existence.

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