Uncut diamond

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Chapter 34

When one risks everything to become a writer and the risk is not recognised because someone else has a best seller? Well that is that it is a wash out self publish my dear see if it sells and if the markets go well we will consider it. I make this a good novel is in some critical workshop but the thing is we dislike the author.

Someone important did not lay her and she has to be obeyed. She has to be obeyed because the smelling is the right way round it. If art is about the thought of having the artist as well. Then why is artist the souls of our existence? If artists are whores ? Well we want to know them intimately. How else can we know what they are saying and understand the content of their novels or what they are?

To even know how to use the damn stuff if we did not know the artist sexually then they would never be ours.

This piece of England this is us this is why we are such a great nation because we know the artists. Then they discovered madness but still mad artists they enjoy even more. We know more about that because we live in something like a mad world. How exciting.

"Is she dangerous?"

"Are they dangerous?"

"I have become a doctor to understand art and I am doing very well out of discoveries which I will lecture." said Jane. She also lectures.

The thing is at least she is trying some do not even have that.

Dictionaries make better poets because they know the meaning of words and know all about it. No feeling then but the words one can pick and choose in order to rearrange the dictionary. Well do I get a Thesaurus too?

He had me evicted from the class. That is not right he said his class were doing an exam. Which is nothing to teach them kids. I mean why at University learning habits which can only make you second best? Well most of his scholars have books and won awards.

"So it works."

"Yes of course."

So having established the poets and all that we move on to other matters.

Sorry moving on now. Said the classroom tutor as he tutored on. No one is trying to corrupt things we just do not have time to do it like in the past.

"So having the time now what do you all think?"

" Beastly dull."

You see as every women knows having to work out as a sex worker is more fun and pays better. But we must not do that as not into sorry deeds which mark our frowns and make us the unenviable. We must not do such a thing because your auntie told you so? Because you might get something not bargained for.

Being a bargain basement means you are sold and resold all the time throughout your life.

When that is what happens to people like you father shouted below zero and said as much as he patted the lips of the connoisseurs. She will come to her senses my dears and she will give such good service too.

"Talking about me is he?" I say.

The pettiness of it all. Why is life so much about small talk and when hasn't that makes it remarkable.

My age is due to come to light and Gold said never think about the damn thing live as long as you can. Good advice that is very good advice.

No one else can speak when not only the poets did starve but the painters too! Whow I said as much this is a whow factor and I must have this type of life.

Seeing that we refused to grow up because mother has been waiting and wasting for us to grow. Ever since I was eight she told me grow up so I would never have to have sex with your dad.

Mother I refused to take seriously but my siblings thought she a bore. She such a boring mum all the other mums bake cake and do not cry. She does not have it in her to even bake and she cries all the time. She has put us right off our telly. They said as that there was this nasty waiting as if mother sent the signals and nobody replied.

Besides her mother Gold was now dead. Not Pink she had no reasoning powers when she not in the mood and she not into intelligent talk as she just sat there and did no more. We were always saying that the family like ours is so used to hard work mother did not like to work she preferred to be sick. Sick note all the time then she got rid of it all. Common sense and all that do not worry this story is all about common sense.

Well it was never right mother having such an attitude and the siblings were asked that question and they refused to reply in front of me. Their secretive looks plays and replays like a machine unwinding and I switch myself to that girl and the kids as they were known.

So mother left home never to return because her daughter rejected her because saw the council flat she said the daughter detested that. She could not see herself living in such a place. Being only fifteen and thrifty with the work and all. Z hated to work not much work did a bit. She swept the kitchen floor when she had arrived home from a full day at school.

Mother was put out she said she reasonably expected more than that from her flesh and blood. The cries for help stopped and I thought she had got over it the thing was never heard her talk again. She left the house and another form came took over and just became a money making machine.

The till all they understood enough enough of that. But they did the cooking and the cleaning. I did nothing for three whole years but be a child. I was a adult by then that was my time out that was when I read the novels that bear witness to some reading.

"Never forget where you come from."


"Because that way you will not need someone to tell you who you are."

But mother left? I did not notice the take over had happened quietly. I was able to get out of my bed when someone called mother Zeks said you must eat and not sleep anymore. I did as I was told.

"Now you see it now you don't."

"What do I see?"

"Someone else."

"Now you see it now you don't."

"Plastic surgery no way."

"Now you see it now you don't."

"Where is mother's scar on her face because she had a ulcer there?"

"Now you see it now you don't."

"What scar?"

"The one about there?"

"I had it removed."

It had been deep. But said nothing there is anger somewhere.

"Now you see it now you don't."

She was not the same dejected mum anymore she did stuff she cooked and did become efficiency itself. They had nine thousand by the end of the three years. What and how did it happen Zeks had no money sense we had to beg for bread what had happen did she too grow up? But only some three years back she detested everything about the shop and the house work now she run it like clock work.

Her enthusiasm infectious.

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