Uncut diamond

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Chapter 37

I was to be murdered. My murderers were estranged and set upon by society and in order to live in the manner of the rich or middle class they had to kill us. They had to because that meant we the kids and them who were the parents were done for and that the Turkish Cypriot family could gain access as there was so matrimony between us that they would have not long to wait. Having wetted their appetites they shouted to be let in. Many aspiring men came to collect me to their chamber of horrors as their deceased wives meant now they could wed?

Some looked like identical to the last but some had more beard than the last. Of course that was his brother who since had passed away. There was no use denying that their coming and goings dealt me some amusement.

They said they were very rich as it was but wore poor country clothes. How could anything be so beastly as a poor tailor? If you must rob someone just first go to a good tailor and go to something like a good dentist. That way you can come out with some dignity.

"Murderers and thieves do not like to spend money on non essentials." said Dad.

"Well these are monsters."

Dad was very unused to being that type he had not thought of his cousins as the oppressive type but tried to warn me not to fiddle with them. That they were dangerous and knew how to wield a woman into shape.

I thought of the potters trade and then thought no more about the whole folly of being this filly. I had ran most of my life did not think at near forty I should continue running. I was so fat and gross why did they keep on coming?

Are we flight risk do we as strangers think the same have the same ambitious natures and dismissed from life take the same path? We must be different from each other.

Someone crazed film production said everyone left in the same manner in the same way. That the religions treat us like a grouped Zodiacs with the 12 number plates.

So silly Leos are head of the world and the rest are Pisces and such and then there is Taurus with the duality of the self. What is your number plate? And which religious category do you fit in? Do you fit in there at all?

All of us have a fallow period. We loved laughter when young now we care to hear the sounds of silence the noise makes us feel to many vibrations which we cannot handle.

We are worn out with the crooks. Dad has taken a drive and has taken the look with him his scowling face quite dark.. The distaste which he feels for me being poor and being good means he has now to make a point and he has gone to do so.

To whom?

Who cares lady it might be B as she is with the goodies. So having that sort of a man as a dad who will try to take everything we own. She has the sham crying but me the real me what does it matter when the cries have stopped and the white hairs have been added to our faces and brows?

"We loved you?"

"In that manner of it yes."

"What does your dad do?"

"He is a manufacturer of drugs."

"Is he a chemist?"

"No sir. That he is not. He might be involved but he is a drug addict."

"But he is legit. We checked him out."

"Most of you weasels think so. Such a corrupt nation such a corruption as nobody has figured out who is who and what they are up to."

"Take something for your pain."

"Pain I am sorry to say he does not go away."

"He wanted to see his daughter."

"He has been staying in my orbit for the past twenty odd years if not more why he does not leave I have no idea."

"What is that?"

"He says if I don't have him no one will."

"Bloody moron all the fathers that are fathers do go away have a mum and then divorce remarry and all that. I am stuck with father."

A man who is a father does not move into the house one is sharing with a man. He does not look at the man's penis as if in the glory days of youth. A man such a man must see what his daughter is getting? What is it to do with him he is not my keeper he does not want to rob me again does he?

"Alms for the poor."

"Fucking son of a bitch."

"You don't know where your next meals coming from."

"Alms for the poor."

"Myself is excluded from every form of entertainment because dad wants to come along."

"Hello dad. I must dash is the key factor if not he then his wife she has to bed me too? Not his first his second trollop."

"We believed you were a good girl."

"I am not a dog."

"We thought you were."

"I am nothing but a woman speeding along writing because sometimes I think there is nothing but work for me."

If I leave the house he is so jealous it is a factor of his malicious intentions to mark the world with his stamp. The stamp duty is our shame we must put a stop to father. Full stop and there is nothing else to do but to report or repeat this to the authorities maybe something can be done?

"No do not come in Psychologist I do not need healing."

No entertainment because a man must have his girls pure. His purity of intent is such a sure fire to speed up the designing hussies he let us be robbed and nearly murdered because he not satisfied? I make this the awful day when the time is come for the crime to be punished.

The thoughtfulness of behaving well towards the minorities is not to robed the wellness of murder into some cloth which you all cannot fit into, England is not fit to be seen. That your robberies and stealth of hand as you rob and when someone robs you the cry of shame and all that makes England the unhealthiest at present place to be in.

I want to go to some other country where there is not too many robberies but I do not see anything of the sort. I do not think I can adjust at all. This cold wintery place has me.

To think it used to be Green and pleasant land.

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