Uncut diamond

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Chapter 5

From being called Laurel and Hardy we began to be known as a couple. A older woman with a old seeming spouse we were inseparable. Life is a joke is it not? Who did it well and better being mother and daughter. It was a slight nerve wrecking moment when I saw the huge cruel faces glowing as if their whole personality shone through.

We would see the joke but everyone else esteemed us for being a couple uncles and aunts thought of housing us in some place where we could not be seen like a home because we were an embarrassment.

I knew something bad was being planned did not know what to do. This is me the daughter she does not appear like she had been she was doing wrong she hurt me as well as all that. She said crime was not punishable she hurt us all telling us so many untruths we did not know where to look what to think.

"Think what you care to think dare to think."

"We have got rid of a whore?"

"She did it for her family."

She had a daughter somewhere?"

"Of course she did happily married with her own son and daughter grandchildren and all that."

They tried to take what the rest of our money. She sent them twenty something thousand. She sent them money so that they would not divorce.

She did everything for them but nothing wrong with that children deserve everything don't they?

Well I could see her point of view at that.

My cousin Durmush is married to her.

He got rid of himself for revenge he wanted our money they all thought we rich and she ditched the mistakes I made in trusting that woman called mother. She pretended was not the same mum. She had children whom she robbed in order to feed.

Domestics do not need money.

There were fights and attacks between us all.

That matters to me because both of us owned the house both of us had put a lot of effort for the whole show to continue. That mother was just an audience directing the movements meant she disliked the thought of any of it being wasted on me.

But our public fornications meant she was in the limelight everyone in Britain is sort of gay and there is nothing but gay rights. Therefore they thought nothing wrong with this? Not much if both consenting parties agree and there are no children involved then what does it matter?

I am being difficult? I am being difficult to read? All them lies and that was not easy to decipher as if written in codes and stuff. People speak in codes when they mean to rob. I am not speaking in codes so do not mean to rob you of your time. Please sir speak in codes and I will knock your block off.

"In violations of this and that."

"This is even better."

"You mean humans such as the monster who went mad because she had been set upon because her monster of a man involved with a aristocrat tart?"

My chapped hands and my empty pockets is the key to all of this. Everyone mean to me they can take it but I will never take it. That my empty life of serving is not over yet. When will I see sense being polite to the masters of the human race is the key to our delights.

"Being the mistress of the situation is the only reason we invited you over."

"To make you feel more of a shop keeper and to tell you where your place is."

"In the gutter?"

"Yes." Said Durmush and he picked his wife up in his arms as she looked lovingly at him. Mother smiles very fond and I do not know what that means. So if I cannot marry why she so pleased about that? The memory won't leave me until I gnawed at it.

The thing was everyone so busy with their own parties and little thoughts. That someone was aroused by it all someone was very into it and the others did not want to know. People dislike being sacked it means getting on the social pariah list and all that. So it is that we all do nothing about what matters?

There has to be harmony between. So they sent us to couples relationship marriage counselling. Is this some kind of a joke? Mother in her element meant business see everyone thinks it is right. Sorry? They do. There is nothing more to be said we had to eat in separate homes. So having divided the house into two I was in some money shat but what did it matter after all it made no difficulties in fact because of it all I could repaint the walls. Had not been done forever.

That the whole state of affairs meant she did not care for the smell but was too frightened to speak. She just faded after that she just did not care to cook for the family. Every weekend coming going as if hungry beasts why should she cook for them when she a mum elsewhere when her own children needed her? Myself included she hated everyone of us she had wasted her life on erring children who did not matter made nothing of their lives some made money some made children but not like her beautiful children.

She went on three holidays on her own one of them a beautiful one with B and R. They were startled to find inside the beauty of spending money our money. Lands which they embezzled. I did begrudge her that had to be gone away locked up. I did not intend to be mad but went slowly mad with the hatred between us we were eating the walls. Then found the cause there was asbestos in the house in the loft.

We had a small amount but I felt it was spreading throughout the house. Had it removed the whole thing made a go of it then painting and painting spent five long years just painting the walls must have spent more money than sense on the walls. I did not err I made a passable job on the thing. The money gone the means to live left me to my fate.

The small things in life mean when someone lies they are vulnerable. She broke the law? Well she did.

She would leap at night as if the whole world on her and she would cry and something silent would silence her. I did not know whether it was a man or some rat but whatever it was she had nothing to do but bear it.

She started to wear white as if the white colour made her ghostly.

Women in the family when they are dying wear white it is a tradition because it states they are praying or leaving. I am not certain why they did not tell me that mother was dying. She was still a woman who kept her own secrets. B did not speak when she returned from the holiday.

She said the children were hell that she wished she had never done it. It made no sense to me I had done the garden saved the garden and everything I knew would be right in the end, Did not want to see anything but beauty I just was not ready for the ugly truth. I just disliked the feel of it all.

There was not much left this house the lands gone and then there was nothing but labouring. The flowers came into bloom they were the blooms of last year which had not flowered which she thought I had stolen from her. She said I had but now with the earth they bloomed. The last one the third ugly one she saw what I did with the house she loved it. She was tired out but I just had shifted a ton and a half of earth into the spaces. I was exhausted. But I saved the garden I saved it with the minimum of expense my hands left fled me.

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