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No Escape

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This story is about a young 15 year old that just became a teen mom and moved of of her mom's house to live in a small apartment by herself and the baby when strange things start to occur in her apartment. Stay Tune To See What Happens?!

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The Misfortune

The moment she walked to the door she knew something was wrong she fell to the ground crying out "MOMM" as she stumbled inside the house knowing she had done something wrong.

The Next Morning

Rylee heard her mom calling on her name she looked ambushed and tired from her partying yet has she derived from her bed a case of nausea hits her in a wave she ran straight to the bathroom instead of going to her mom as soon as her reached the bathroom her mom was already up stairs coming towards her room. Rylee was shocked when she started vomiting. Her mom was already in her room by the time she started vomiting as her mom reached to knock her bathroom door Rylee came out in a rush and started crying.

Rylee : Mom I don't know what happened I think I am pregnant

Mom : What do you mean you don't know?

Rylee : There was this guy at the bar he was really hot he offered to give me a ride home but instead of giving me a ride how I told him I think we should do something else so he took me to his home and I think we had unsafe sex.

Mom : Rylee your only fifteen. What are you going to do about this baby of yours?

Rylee : Mom I am going to keep this baby. I don't care what you have to say I know I disappointed you but a baby is joy, I also want to move out of your house and live alone with my baby.

Mom : Do you know the father's name honey? Because I think should tell him your pregnant.

Rylee : I know his name I think I also got his number. His name is Tim Craftward ; I am gonna text him.

After The Talk With My Mom


Now what am I going to do I am just fifteen I live with my mom and I don't even know who my father is. Who Is He?I am pregnant by a stranger! isn't that a little strange omg I need to text him because this is so weird. I don't need nothing from him I just what to make sure he knows that I am pregnant with is motherfucking baby; I am so fucking crazy how the fuck did I not notice that the sex was unsafe?Oh I was fucking drunk this is so stupid I am certainly texting Tim or whatever his fucking is name that I am pregnant with his baby.


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