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XVI. Undead -- The Bitter Song

Humming? Gab thought.

It sounded like a sweet, old lullaby sung by a young lady. He opened his eyes as little as possible and scanned the surroundings. With what limited things he could see, he guessed he was on some sort of stretcher, inside a hospital room. The walls were made up of surprisingly clean tiles. Neat medical tools were neatly lined up on a table between him and another stretcher. The other stretcher had Lloyd on it.

Wait a minute… There are scalpels and shit here but… Drills, pins and hatchets? And where am I? Gab thought.

Lloyd woke up. “Where-”

“Hospital, dear,” a bandaged nurse said, appearing between Lloyd and the table.

Lloyd tried to sit but found his body numbing. He crashes down in a groan. “How did you know the answer before I could finish?”

“Oh, that answer wasn’t for you, Lloyd.” The nurse said as she raised a scalpel.

“Then who-… Wait, what are you gonna do?!”

“I’m Painkiller. But I don’t kill pain… I kill with it.”

Lloyd frantically tried to scamper away, but his body wasn’t working with him. “No! Please!”

Gab pretended to sleep, trying to stay as still as possible.

“This won’t kill, but it’ll hurt so much that you would want me to,” The nurse said as she holds his hand. “I’ll cut a quarter of an inch deep on every possible skin surface I see in you, gradually.”

Lloyd let out a nervous laugh. “W-what for!? C’mon, I know you want to help… I’ve heard you’re the nicest among…Them.”

Shit, Lloyd’s in trouble… I’m gonna grab that hatchet and-

Gab jumped out of bed and tried to grab where he thought the hatchet was, but saw the nurse grab it and slice off Lloyd’s right arm off.

Lloyd screamed as tears silently flowed down his cheeks. Blood splattered on Gab’s face. He grabbed a scalpel and stabbed Painkiller in panic, backing away a little in defense.

Lloyd managed to speak. “You said you were just gonna cut-”

Painkiller slowly turned to face Gab, who let go of the scalpel still stuck on her back. He stepped back a couple of steps. “Sudden change of plans. Someone was trying to spoil the fun. I had to take my chances. Wouldn’t want this to be a two-on-one.”

Gab grimaced at the deformed figure of Painkiller’s face on close up. He was thankful it was covered in bandages. Her mouth can be seen, she had black, badly chapped lips and had yellowish teeth with black patches. He wondered how it tasted like.

“So I’m ugly? Why, I know,” she showed Gab a key and swallowed it. She looked at the only door and smiled. “You’re gonna have to experience hacking through flesh to get out.”

Gab gulped as he bumped on the stretcher behind him. He grabbed a syringe and held it like a knife. “I didn’t say anything!”

“I can read minds out of the fear in people, Gab. As long as there’s fear, I’m unstoppable.” She suddenly smiled and Gab frowned at the next event. She swung her hatchet around and hit Lloyd in the head, who was trying to grab something from the table. It felt like everything was in slow motion for Gab. Blood splattered all over the wall behind Lloyd and his stretcher. Gab tried to move but felt frozen.

No… Lloyd. It’s… Too late, Gab thought.

“Too late indeed,” the nurse added, watching the oozing blood from Lloyd’s twitching body. The hatchet hit the area between Lloyd’s eyes, slanting from the left eyebrow to the right cheek. The hatchet buried too deep. It was impossible for Lloyd to be alive. His mouth and eyes were still open as he laid still on the stretcher that was now crimson red.

“His death was the most abrupt torture I’ve ever done. It’s a shame. He had so much potential. But he showed too much effort to survive. I guess I’m not good in handling two at once… I get little… JUMPY.”

“YOU KILLED LLOYD!” Gab said in anger and tears as he charged towards her angry with a syringe.

“Wow. That isn’t obvious. What are you gonna do, disinfect me with that syringe? A stab to the left.” She smiled as she dodged Gab’s predicted attack to the right.

Gab was frustrated. He knew attacks won’t work when he’s in so much fear.

“An impulsive forward thrust.” She backstepped just enough. She grabbed Gab’s wrist and threw him over her shoulder, towards a stretcher, destroying it on impact. “Fear is what ensures my victory, Gab. You are full of-”

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“I… I’m… What bullshit is this?!” the nurse yelled she clawed all around her furiously and successfully hitting nothing but air on all attempts.

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A sound of stabbing shot through their ears. Painkiller gained back her different kind of vision and saw a large knife Gab was wielding and a body in familiar uniform. Her uniform. Her headless body. She laughed at the falling body, in her worm’s eye view of Gab’s imminent victory. Gab looked at her head and smiled, blood all over his face and arms.

Looks like I won. Does it hurt? Does it hurt?! Gab thought, mocking Painkiller’s mind reading.




Once again, the sound of hacking flesh interrupted a speech that won’t see any continuation. He dropped the hatchet that killed Lloyd and Painkiller and knelt down in tears. His knees just suddenly weakened as he observed Lloyd’s restless look.

His face was hot with frustration and shaking in tears. His fist hit the ground in succession, the pain numbed by all the stress that has stacked insidiously. A sudden shudder blasted his body cold. Cold and alone with blood from his then-best friend and his then-best friend’s killer.

There wasn’t even much show of resistance. Just pointless and gruesome death. There was no such thing as a worn-out boss fight…Just a chain of quick, unchangeable events that would forever bring guilt down on him. He lost one of the only friends he currently had in a lackluster fight… Not that it mattered if it was easy or not.

It was the first time being alone mattered to him. It was the first time he had any care for his lack of abilities. It was the first time he felt a loss that was permanent.

Still, it bothered him. Why everything seems so scripted, everything in his life. Why he couldn’t remember anything before this school year. He knows there’s something he can’t remember. Something that would answer everything.

Gab got the hatchet back and tightened his grip. He had a key to search.

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