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XVII. The Clown's Been Stalking

Kim sat up from another uncertain duration of unconsciousness. Fuzzy recollections of what happened previously came to her like a professor reading his wall-of-text slides. Nope, it wasn’t because the recollections were boring. She couldn’t understand any of the shit.

She caressed her neck and chin. There was a sharp stinging feeling. She let out a suppressed moan.

She could remember waking up in that place before, with flashing visions of that hospital, Lloyd, Gab and a twitching lady. She’s in a white hallway with little to no dirt and doors with numbered cards on top of each. 101. 102. 103.

This must be a hospital, she thought. A hospital I know.

Kim could hear squishing sounds on 104 but chose to steer away from it. She faced the counter beside her and found some notes on it, all written in some sort of diary fashion in a sticky pad.

November 15, 1928

I’m just new here in Silvercrest Hospital. A receptionist that finished a nursing course. Tough luck, eh?

1928? Isn’t it November 08, 2012? Kim thought.

November 16, 1928

I just met Jenny. She’s really beautiful. I really want to hit on her but… Someone that beautiful? It would be impossible for her not to have a boyfriend yet.

Jenny? Works here? Why does that name seem familiar?

November 17, 1928

She just talked to me this lunch. She said she’s taking care of a lecherous man in safety straps with a soft voice, like a girl’s. Says that the man said she’d have more money as a porn star… The man has a point. Haha. He keeps on telling her about a demon that hungered for his clan’s beauty, and that he saved them from it. Staff says he’s psychotic, so those safety straps were a must.

November 18, 1928

She’s on a night shift tomorrow and I’m off duty by then. Sucks. She says she’ll be saying an important thing about this hospital, but it has to be a secret since “I’m (as in me) the only innocent man left in this hospital.” What could she mean?

November 20, 1928

She didn’t show up on Craig’s Diner as we agreed… Something bad must have happened. She’s absent right now.

November 21, 1928

Rumors say she was raped by her patient before she was going to leave for the Diner. (The food there sucks anyway.) Ohhh that bastard will pay.

November 22, 1928

I murdered the bastard Louise. He was a girl after all. I strangled her until her eyes bulged. I enjoyed her coughing sound and her futile resistance. Those young, thin limbs were like twigs to break. I ripped some of the hair off her scalp that was at first pink, but then oozed with the crimson red color of victory. I proceeded to crush her bones even when she’s dead. That’s what the perverted lesbian deserved.

Oh… God… He couldn’t have… Kim thought.

The next note was written in shaky, hurried writing.


She was found dead in her house due to overdose of morphine. Eleven syringes where Morphine once was where still stuck on her skin. She also has various claw and bite marks on her body. I got a letter from Jenny, sent before her death, most likely.

A note was behind the page. It seems to be Jenny’s letter.

Someone’s trying to kill me. I don’t know who and I don’t know why, but it’s most probably because of what I learned. The governor hired people to test something on patients without relatives or any friends. Louise didn’t rape me, but rather succumbed to this test’s effects. She began to attack me as his bowel movement loosened. I have to suppress the pain and go inside the hospital, if it’s the last thing I’ll do. Don’t call the authorities. They’re probably funding this.

The next note doesn’t seem to be written by the same guy. The penmanship seemed awfully familiar.


The series of notes ended there and Kim weirdly felt shame. She lost balance and fell to the floor, sitting in confusion. The things she read was oddly familiar, as if she read them somewhere before or someone told her this. Whichever the case, she knew.

The governor is involved... A certain thing that drives people insane… I gotta find it… But what is it? Why am I compelled to find it?

The sound of creaking wheels made her spin to her right and stare at the corner of the hallway’s end. It unnervingly felt like whoever was making the wheels move was trying hard to make as little noise as possible. Kim fixed her glasses and fumbled for a pistol she thought she got. It wasn’t there. She picked up the pen on the table and held it like a knife. She leaned on the post near the counter, opposite to the area she was staring at. She could hear blood pumping near her ears and she was breathing loudly. Her heartbeat was abnormally fast.

She waited for a moment as the tension eased. She was beginning to shrug it off as an imagination. Before her shoulders relaxed fully, it tensed again, a booming shriek warned her of a fast-approaching danger. She ran away from the sound without knowing where to go. The wheels were creaking so wildly, as if it was driven by a silent engine. It sounded like it was going faster by the second.

She slipped down on the turn and her glasses propelled off to somewhere. She moaned as she stood up, and could not see well. No time to search. She had to run. But just after a few feet, the lights dimmed.

I…I can’t see! she thought. Gab… Where are you…?

She extended her hands forward to sense if there’s a wall, but she bumped on a wheelchair instead.

“Ouch.” She and the man on the wheelchair chorused. Kim fell down. “P-please! Don’t hurt me!”

The man laughed. “Hurt you? I can’t even stand and walk.”

“I… I thought you were chasing me. Weren’t you-” She realized it was a stupid thing to ask right now.

“You’re the only one here who doesn’t look like he’d eat me as soon as I showed myself, so I followed you. By the way, I’m Robert.”

She began to think she was hallucinating the sounds. “I-I’m Kim.”

She could have sworn she heard Robert mutter “I know.” But she thought her senses were still messed up.

“Could you help me find my glasses?”

“Uhh… Sure. If you don’t mind, will you push the wheelchair for me?”

“Sure.” She pushed the man who seemed to have an afro. She could barely see anything, but Robert guided her with directions.

“Was there a shortcut for you to catch up on me or you have an engine in your wheelchair?” Kim asked uncomfortably.

Robert let out a brief laugh. “Engine? Hahahaha. No, I’m afraid I just rolled the wheel with my hands slower than an old man would a whore.” He laughed again.

She found the joke obnoxious. There was a brief silence, broken by Robert’s occasional directions. It has become like half an hour of awkwardness, with the steady creaking of the wheels. Some sort of unexplainable dread started to build up inside of her, as she didn’t really know where she was being lead into. She could no longer see anything. She wasn’t blind without her glasses. She just didn’t see clearly. But it was very clear that she was in a dark area.

“Here’s your glasses.”

Kim couldn’t speak straight. “W-where is it?”

“I’m reaching it right in front of you”

She cautiously reached in front of her, but soon after grabbing her glasses, she paused and realized…

Since when did they stop to get the glasses?

She felt a mouth and a nose stick into her arms and a brief suction as it slid all the way to her biceps. She could hear how the man sniffed her perversely. She backed away as she wore her glasses. She let out a sob and a face of disgust. In a dark corner of the hospital, she was in front of a clown on a wheelchair. He an unusal white afro of a normal clown, had deepset gray eyes and an all-canine teeth that were interlocked and had the length like that of a thumb, held by purplish dark gums. His makeup has faded, showing dark greenish skin. She hoped it was part of the makeup. His tattered clown design striped with red and white that actually looked dark red and dirty gray added to his disturbing appearance.

“You taste... Crazy.”

Like a student who just woke up and saw it was 15 minutes before the next class, she ran away as the wheels started to move, she couldn’t look back and check how it was done, but she knew it was again gaining on her. She took random turns and heard some sort of crash. She looked behind her and saw the wheelchair toppled sideways, one wheel still turning wildly but slowing down.

So where’s the clown? The fast-rhythmed scuffling noise gave her a gut-wrenching idea.

“I like you better as Kim. You smell a lot nicer. Hahahahaha!” A voice disturbingly near echoed through the corridor, and it was close.

Kim drew her pen and was teary-eyed. “W-w-what do y-you mean!?” Her breath was interrupted with sobbing. Her throat felt heavy of emotions. She wanted to cry. She looked away from the wheelchair and saw the clown crawling at an insanely fast pace. It was like he was dragging a body made of feathers. His jaws were widely apart, showing a hellish pit of darkness with lots of spikes. She ran for her life as she arrived at the counter again.

“What are you running from? We’re on the same team! Muahahahaha!”

His laugh was annoying and hoarse (neigh? LOL). As she reached room 104, the door flung open and a bloody figure dragged her inside. The door was locked right after and she tumbled inside near something soft and wet. “Hurry! Help me block this door!” the bloody figure said.

Kim was filled with surprise and sudden joy. It was Gab, bloody and holding an axe. She looked at what she landed on and let out a cry. It was the mushy remains of a beheaded nurse. She looked at the stretcher and found Lloyd in a bed soaked of crimson red blood. She saw a big chop on Lloyd’s face… Then she looked back at Gab and his bloody axe.

“No,” Kim said with a faltering voice. “Not you, too…”

Gab looked agitated as she pushed the table towards the door. “What are you waiting for, Kim? Help-“Gab stopped and looked at the dead bodies and his bloody self. “It’s not what you think!”

“You murderer!” Kim cried. She bursted into tears and knelt in defeat. “Liar liar liar liar liar liar!”

Gab feared the worst. Kim’s losing it. A constant stream of the word liar from her soft but agitated voice filled the room. Soon, a laughing sound and constant bashing on the door joined the musical. The door busted open and it toppled down over him, including the apparently useless table he pushed. The clown lunged toward the shuddering and still speaking Kim. She fell silent as Gab could see the clown look up and open his mouth, full of calcium daggers. He pushed what was on top of him and swung the axe sideways. It missed as the clown buried his mouth on her neck. But she wasn’t kissing her. Kissing wouldn’t normally produce a pool of blood… And a sickening sound of ripping skin.

Gab, teary eyed and his jaw shaking, swung the axe down and chipped out a dark green fissure that oozed of blood. He kicked the body sideways and knelt near the body of Kim, who had a frozen face. Her eyes were open eyed and her pupils were dilated in fear. There was a large part of her neck already gone. With the slow beating of her chest, she looked dying, obviously (unless people survive without an inch of their necks for too long.) Only her awkwardly twitching right hand still moved.

The clown laughed with difficulty. “Don’t… Worry. Haha… She’s… Haha… Fine. I just encouraged her true-“

Gab should call the hatchet he has as the Axe of Silence. He interrupted the clown in deep hate, chopping his hideously disgusting head almost in half. The clean room Gab was once in was now like what the author of this story would if he was ordered to wax the floor red.

He attended Kim’s wounds but her breath was rather shallow. Gab approached her and held her hand. “Kim… Please… Don’t die on me.” He knew she looked like she couldn’t be saved. Gab was crying. “This is the worst reunion ever…”

Kim smiled. “I’m… Okay… He said.” She talked faintly, and Gab barely heard it. Kim’s expression fell into peace and was still breathing lightly but she was good as dead. He knew it.

“He? This clown bitch?”

Gab kissed her on the cheek and got her glasses, stuffing it inside his pocket. “Requiescat in pace.” He heard it in Assassin’s Creed, but he cut the bastardo part.

The ground started to shake and grime was enveloping the room. He swung the axe around, thinking Lilith was right behind her, but chopped Blindspot’s arm instead.

“I was gonna help you, Sherwood.”

Gab was in disbelief. “Just… Kidding?” He smirked, hiding the axe behind his back.

“I don’t care what happens anymore. Our group is becoming desperate. I don’t think it’s cool killing someone who has the potential… Take my revolver,” he said, handing his gun over. “It has five Spectre rounds. They won’t work if you’re afraid of your target. Keep your cool so you can keep your potential. A scared dick is a short dick. Remember that. This totally against the script so surprise them as much as you can.”

Gab nodded with a face in awe. His mouth was slightly open. “Script.”

“Shoot me in the head, now.” Blindspot said as he pointed at his right temple. “Practice now. And do it right. There’s around three of us left. You have five-“

Gab is now officially the Lord of Interruption. Blindspot’s hat flew a little backwards as his body fell flat on his back. Gab’s eyes were wild and teary. He checked the four black bullets that felt weightless and cocked the gun back. Onslaught busts the wall and grabs Gab by the neck, forcing him to face Lilith.

“It’s time to test if you can, Gabby.” Lilith says, but Gab looks at Onslaught‘s forehead and grabs the hand on his neck. Onslaught’s eyes widened as a gun rises toward his face.

Lilith was shocked. “THAT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!”

“Hasta la Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2, Bison,” He said as he jabbed the revolver on Onslaught’s stunned face.

Gab drops down and aims it at Lilith’s forehead who was blocking the door with a crimson river of tears. Everything was shaking wildly. “You will always fear me, Gabby… You always will.” He shot with a trembling hand. It passed through Lilith, but it didn’t work. His eyes bled with hers as the whole room was swallowed with her signature grime.

A sudden jolt was followed by total darkness.

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