The Glass Cage

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Hannah finds herself kidnapped and trapped inside a glass cage. She has no idea how she got there or who took her... but she is shocked to discover that she isn't alone inside the glass cage. Now they have to fight for their lives to get away from a lunatic kidnapper.

Horror / Thriller
Megan J Wiley
Age Rating:


Everything feels heavy… like I’m really exhausted.

My eyelids are so heavy that I’m struggling to open them and when I finally can, the room is dark. This didn’t feel like one of those mornings when you feel like not wanting to go to school, but you have to.

However, this feels… different.

“The fuck?” I moan quietly. There is a horrible throbbing on the side of my head as I slowly grasp it. I try to rub it away with my fingertips like I do with my migraines, but it wouldn’t go away.

My body shudders. Then I realise it.

I, Hannah Banks, have been kidnapped.

“What the fuck!” I gasp loudly as I stand up and hiss at the pain in my neck. I rub at it and can feel a small lump forming, that’s when I remember the injection.

This motherfucker injected me with something that caused me to pass out and taken to god knows where. Panic slowly sets in me. My chest is heaving and suddenly I’m sweating, despite feeling cold. Why the hell have I been kidnapped?

“Hello!?” I yell out, looking around the room. It’s too dark to see anything except the outline of some furniture. So far, I see a bunk bed and… that’s it. Wait a second, there is a humming noise.

I inch toward the noise, getting louder as I come closer to it and my feet touch something hard, making me yelp quietly. I bend down and touch something blindly, it feels hard and boxy. There’s a handle, so I pull it open and it’s a…

“Mini fridge?” I gape at it.

Inside the fridge are stocked with many bottled water, some fruits and various granola bars. I guess my kidnapper is a control healthy freak. Whatever. I want to get out of here.

“HELP!” I scream out. “Where the hell am I? Is this some sick game or what?!”

Fury is vibrating through my entire body as my hands shake. I’m angry and I know it. I was not in the mood to be kidnapped.

“GET ME OUT OF HERE!” I scream once more.

I find myself walking blindly and suddenly hit myself on what feels like an invisible wall. My face taking the grudge.

“Ouch!” I cry at the pain on my nose and rub on it. Tears are starting to well up in my eyes and I know it’s not from pain.

It’s fear.

“Please…” My voice starts to crack as I fall to the floor on my knees and sob quietly.

I’m alone and I have no idea why I’m here.

Am I going to be raped?

Have my organs harvested and sold to black market?

“Oh god,” I slap my head, scolding myself for thinking as I sob harder. Then I hear something else through my crazy moment. Not what, but who. He’s talking to me.

“Will you please calm down?”

I gasp out loud and whip my head up to look around me, but it’s too dark.

“Who’s there?! Stay away from me!” I yell.

A soft sigh sounded.

“I… can’t.”

I frown hard. “What?”

“I would leave this cage if I could. I’m trapped like you.”

A chill goes over my body making me tremble. “You’ve been kidnapped too?” I wipe the tears off my face and look around the room. He mentioned something about a cage and yet I can’t see it.

The glass wall.

Of course… that’s why I can’t see it. At least not in the darkness.

“Yeah unfortunately,” he sighs again.

My head tilts to the right where his voice is coming from and I can see the outline of a bunk bed. How didn’t I see this coming… two beds. One each for us.

“W-when?” I stutter nervously.

“I don’t know. I lost count, but I know it has been days.”

I bite my bottom lip and curse lightly.

“My name is Calvin. Pleased to meet ya, kid.” His voice had a hint of sarcasm.

“I’m not a kid,” I scowl. “How do I know you’re not my kidnapper?”

“You’ll see when the light comes on. I’m just trapped as you are, little one.”

I narrow my eyes. “Don’t call me that. When will it come on?”

Calvin sighs heavily. “You are irritating, you know that?”

“Tell me!”

“It usually comes on in the mornings. Actually, I don’t know if it’s the mornings… but it comes on whenever I wake up. Which, by the way, you rudely woke me up.”

I scoff lightly. “Well, I’m sorry I just found out I was kidnapped.”

“It’s alright, babe,” Calvin says.

“Enough with the fucking names! Shit just got real, you realise that yet? We have been kidnapped!”

“Gosh, you’re so sweary…” Calvin is tutting quietly. “Where did I hear that quote from?”


Shit just got real. Ah yes, from Bad Boys 2,” Calvin chuckles. “You must like that movie.”

I grit my teeth and dive my hands into my brown locks, as I try not to lose my shit. Wow, he is right... I am sweary.

“Why are you so sarcastic?”

“Why not?” I hear a scuffle and realise he’s getting comfortable on his bed.

“I… don’t get it,” I mumble. “You’ve been kidnapped and you’re not even upset about it.”

Calvin doesn’t reply for a few seconds, making me feel nervous. Has he fallen asleep? Or did I suss him out or something? Oh god, is he here to kill me? I feel my body tense with anticipation as I get up from the floor.

“You’re right. I do apologize,” Calvin suddenly says.

My body stills.

“I guess… I’m just lonely,” he laughs softly.

I feel my heart melt a little. He has been in this hellhole for days and I can’t even fathom how he’s feeling about this.

“I’m sorry too,” I murmur softly, biting my cheek hard. “Any chance we can start again?”


I lick my lips and smile a little. “Hey.”

“Howdy, cowgirl.”

I can’t help but roll my eyes at another one of his name callings.

Calvin chuckles in the dark. “Wow, I can hear you rolling your eyes. Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s start again.”

“No, it’s fine,” I grumble.

“Well, hello there,” his voice deepens.

I pucker my lips and shake my head. Oh, what the hell, let’s just go with this. “Hey,” I finally say.

“My name is Calvin. It’s a pleasure to meet you, miss.”

My lips twitch, “You too… I’m Hannah.”

“Hannah… Welcome to the kidnapped club,” Calvin whispers.

And the light comes on.

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