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The nightmare

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Four curious girls, an Ouija board and a demon. What could go wrong? Read the story if you dare and find out yourself!

Horror / Mystery
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Why did we do that?

A nightmare is following me for days, weeks, months. I can’t remember when was the last time I slept for more than 4 hours, and my sleep paralysis isn’t really helpful either. When you mix all these things together, you get a really grumpy girl with bad hair and even worse manners, that’s the reason I got kicked out of school and had to move to another city with my family. I guess you wonder why that happened. Well, here’s my story.
My friends and I were always into ghosts and those kinds of things. You know, the occult, the weird, mysterious. We loved to do researches and sometimes we’d even recite some spells and we’d watch the candles burn brighter, the water turn into ice or change colour. We had a lot of fun, right up until my friend, Emily got an idea. She wanted to bring out her old Ouija board. It belonged to her great grandmother, who by the way disappeared under mysterious circumstances. That would weird out most people, right? Well, not my friends, apparently. I told them not to mess around with that board, that it was really dangerous. In the beginning when I laid out all the facts, one by one, to them, they understood. But with time they grew more and more curious. I couldn’t understand them, they became obsessed with Ouija stories and with the board’s history. Anna even told us that she had a dream in which a nice old lady told her to contact her through this object of pure intentions. I told them not to listen to these dreams, but they didn’t listen. None of us knew how or why, but Anna stole Emily’s board and contacted the “old lady”. She was alone, so we didn’t know what happened exactly, we just knew that she was really freaked out after the séance and that she locked herself in her room. She wouldn’t eat or drink for days, she was acting weird. When we visited her, she would repeat the same sentence over and over again: “It’s not safe here, it’s coming”. When we asked her what does that mean, she’d look at us with an empty look in her eyes and sometimes she’d start screaming out of pure pleasure. Those screams… When I remember the pitch, the length, the echo it left behind, I still get the chills. I’d like to calm you all down and tell you it’s all just a spooky story and it all ended well in the end, but I don’t like to lie. Anna disappeared within days, no one knows where she went or if she’s still alive. She didn’t leave any notes behind, she didn’t tell her parents or friends that she’s going away. The rest of us had an idea of what happened, but we kept quiet. After all, who would believe a small group of teenagers who were playing with supernatural things? No, they wouldn’t believe us. We decided to start our own investigation. The problem was that we had to use the Ouija board in order to find out what happened exactly, but each and every one of us was afraid to even look at it. We all knew what it did to Anna, and probably to Emily’s great grandma too. In the end Jenna was the one who got some white candles, incense, salt and holy water and “cleared” the room of any and every evil entity. After all, she was a pastor’s daughter, she knew how to do it. Or at least we thought that she knew something about that. As we later found out, she missed one step and the whole thing went downhill. We took the white candles and lit them, we placed them in a circle, connected them with the salt, we burned the incense and everyone got a small bottle of holy water. We had to put some on our finger and then draw a line on our forehead. I have no idea how did Jenna come to that idea, but as I already mentioned it before, she was a pastor’s daughter so we thought she knew what she’s doing. One by one, we stepped inside the circle we drew with the salt and we placed the board in the middle. We sat around it and all three of us touched the little triangle shaped object on it. Suddenly I felt a tingling sensation in the tip of my fingers and the triangle started moving. We looked at each other but we didn’t jump away, even though our mind screamed at us that this is dangerous and we shouldn’t be doing this. Before I realized it, I started talking. I invoked the old lady who appeared in Anna’s dreams and who, we assume, took her. At first nothing happened, the triangle stopped moving and there was a moment of dead silence. But then the candles started flickering and the triangle with the small hole in it started moving again. It moved to ‘Hello’. We greeted the entity politely and then we started asking the questions. ‘Who are you? Why are you here? Why did you take Anna? What happened exactly?’ The questions were flowing through us and we didn’t know how to stop. There were so many things we wanted to know, but not enough time. We knew that we couldn’t occupy the entity for long enough. At the end we found out that we weren’t talking to the old lady but a young man who died in a car crash, but he knew exactly who we were talking about, and the old lady was in fact a demon who’d appear as someone’s loved one in a dream and lure the victim into using the board. We also learned that there is no way of getting Anna back, but we can protect ourselves from this weird being. We just had to draw a weirdly shaped symbol on our doors. The séance stopped when the windows slammed open and a strong wind blew out all the candles. We lost our connection with the young man’s soul and we were left in complete darkness and silence. ‘What just happened?’ asked Emily, who was completely freaked out. I could hear it in her voice. No one answered and the silence was suddenly filled with sharp and creepy screams. Just like Anna’s screams right before she disappeared. At first I thought that one of the girls just freaked out because of the situation, but suddenly the lights flicked on and we were left in shock. Right in front of us was Anna’s body, glued to the wall. I have no idea how was it possible, she was just “hanging” from there. The lights flickered and in the next moment she was already gone and a message was visible on the wall, written in blood. ‘You’re next’. In a split second I grabbed everyone’s holy water and poured it all over the wall and washed off the message, at least a part of it. I made a huge red stain on the wall. No one spoke a word anymore. We just packed our stuff, waited for our parents to pick us up and we all drove home.

I was thinking about that symbol the guy gave me, to protect ourselves from that demon. I spent the next few days researching in the library. Weirdly enough, I found a book about demonology in our local library. I found many protection symbols, but none of them looked like the one the guy described. He told us to draw a circle with various symbols inside it. The one I found in the book looked like an eye with bad makeup. I took a picture of it and sent it to the girls. Apparently, this one was the strongest protection we could use against evil entities. Somewhere I read that ancient Egyptians used to have tattoos like this one, somewhere on the back of their neck and it was called the third eye, the eye of Horus or the evil eye. I couldn’t decide if the statement that it can protect you from evil was true or false, but I guessed I had nothing to lose. Except my life, but oh well, I will lose it sooner or later, no? I went to a tattoo artist that afternoon, I shouldn’t mention that he was an illegal tattoo artist that tattooed minors for some extra cash. I told him that I want the Eye of Horus on the back of my neck and he fulfilled my wish. He even added some nice curves and decoration to it so it looked like an extra cool girly tattoo. Of course, my parents didn’t share my opinion, they freaked out immediately. They wanted me to get it removed but I refused, I wouldn’t agree and they couldn’t make me go with them to a clinic, and since I wouldn’t give away the name of the artist, they couldn’t do a thing about it. They didn’t understand that I just saved my life. At least I hoped that I saved my life. I didn’t know if the girls did the same. I sent them some specific notes about the symbol and how it should be tattooed, and where. I even gave them the name of my tattoo artist. I tried to call them several times but they wouldn’t pick up the phone. I called their parents and they confirmed that the girls haven’t been to school in days, they locked themselves into their room and they were acting completely weird. That would mean only one thing. The demon got to them, it’s playing with their mind and they are letting it do so. They probably didn’t check their messages. I had to do something. I arranged a meeting with my artist, I told him I would pay him double if he could come with me to the girls, I wanted them to have these tattoos, and then they would feel better. I have no idea why was I still “sober”. Why didn’t it attack me? Why didn’t it melt my brain down just like it did to the others? The séance happened three days ago, I was researching and trying to find a way to save us. Maybe that was the key? I didn’t surrender? Who knows? The only important thing right now was to get to the girls in time and to save them.

When I met with Alfredo, the coolest illegal tattoo artist in the city, he didn’t ask any questions, he just followed me right to Emily’s house. We knocked on the door and Emily’s mother opened it for us. I explained that Alfredo is my psychologist and that I want him to talk to Emily. I told her that the bag in his hand was totally irrelevant and that they should just let us in. Since Emily and I go way back, she didn’t ask any more questions. We hurried up to the first floor and just when I touched the door knob, we heard a scream. I opened the door and saw my best friend get sucked into a black abyss. Alfredo grabbed my hand so I wouldn’t jump after her. The edge of the blackness was bloody, like I was staring into the insides of a wounded animal. And then it all just disappeared. It didn’t fade away, it just disappeared like it never even existed. I could still hear her scream even after the abyss disappeared with her. But then I realized it wasn’t her screaming anymore but me. I was screaming and I couldn’t stop. Her parents hurried up to see what was going on and I couldn’t explain it. In the end Alfredo took over, he told them that we saw a man in black jump out the window with her. We didn’t know how or why, they just disappeared. I don’t know if they believed us or not, but they then left us up there in the room and hurried to the phone to call the police. I was still staring at the wall where that blackness appeared and disappeared. I couldn’t understand what happened. But then I realized what I was staring at. It was the symbol the young man described to us. Then I remembered seeing this same exact symbol in Anna’s room too. It wasn’t a protection symbol, it was a portal to another world. That’s what happened. We all used the Ouija board and the demon that contacted us wanted some fun, it made us believe that it’s saving us, but it actually made us create a portal so It could get to us and take us. That’s what happened to Anna as well, probably. She saw the old lady, maybe she saw her great grandma and she thought it was really her, but it wasn’t, it was only a mind trick.

But if that’s true, Jenna is in danger. I glanced at Alberto and only now did I realize that he was standing right beside me all this time and he didn’t look shocked. He was pretty calm, actually. That’s the moment when I found out about my guardian angel, that’s the moment when he showed me his wings. I fell to my ass. I was staring at an actual angel, MY guardian angel. ‘What? Why…?’ I asked in confusion. He helped me up and shrugged ‘Well, you’re clumsy enough to summon a demon. I guess someone up there wanted you safe. But no time for stories, we have to save your friend’. I nodded and we decided to sneak out the window, since Emily’s parents were calling the police and they needed the witnesses, but we didn’t really have the time for that now. We hurried to Jenna’s house, we didn’t knock, we didn’t greet anyone, we just ran up to her room just in time. The abyss just opened its hellish mouth and it wanted to swallow her whole. I grabbed her arm and a pencil. Since we didn’t have the time to get her a real tattoo, I improvised. I drew the eye of Horus on her forearm. In that moment the black hole disappeared. I sighed with relief. I fell to the ground while Jenna was staring at the wall. She was motionless, silent. ‘Jenna…?’ I called out her name, but she didn’t answer. I jumped to my feet and grabbed her arm. She slowly turned her head towards me and I froze down in fear. Her eyes were completely black, bloody tears were dripping from them. Suddenly I felt the scent of burned flesh. At first I didn’t understand what happened, but then I looked down at her forearm and I realized that the drawing disappeared, it burned down. I didn’t realize just until then that it wasn’t Jenna but the demon. It took her form. I don’t know when or how, but the girl in front of me wasn’t Jenna, not anymore. The creature started to laugh maniacally, its grin reached from ear to ear. I took a couple of steps away from it when it opened its mouth to say something. He just opened it, it wasn’t really moving but still, I could swear I heard it talk. ‘You have no idea what you did with that tattoo. Welcome to your own personal living hell!’ It started to laugh even more and in a moment it disappeared.

I have no idea what happened in that room, or at all. I don’t get it. I don’t know where my friends are, if they are still alive or if they are dead. I don’t know a single thing about this whole situation, but I know one thing. The demon was right. Ever since that day I can’t sleep. I’m having nightmares for weeks now about a dark place, a black room filled with screams and blood. Sometimes I see shapes, sometimes I don’t see a thing. Sometimes I’m chained to the sticky black wall, sometimes I’m torturing someone. I don’t see faces, I don’t hear conversations. All I hear are terrible screams. Sometimes I feel something sitting on my chest, something heavy, trying to crawl inside me. They say it’s sleep paralysis, but I wouldn’t agree. I consulted my guardian angel, who since then changed name, job and appearance and he told me that it’s possible that the angel ink he used to do my tattoo is stopping the demon to enter my body, but the ink can’t deny the demon’s access to my mind. That’s how I attacked one of my classmate at school. I somehow thought that I saw his completely black eyes and bloody tears. I thought it was the demon and I jumped at him. Another time I thought that someone attacked me and I almost stabbed the poor girl with a knife. It’s playing with my mind and I can feel it winning.

I don’t know for how long I can put up with this crap it’s putting me through, but Alfredo tells me that I have to be strong. It’s easy to say that when you’re made of pure good. People are different, they are attracted to bad, it’s lovely, it’s dark, and it’s perfect for them. It’s so hard to say no to something that feels so familiar.

I think I’m going insane. Pray for my soul.

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