Vanica : Slayer of Immortals (Book 1)

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I am Vanica and my job title is Slayer of Immortals. This book was written like my mentor's before me, a story of immortals I have encountered and how to slay them. Mine is a tale of how I became a slayer, and to encourage you on your journey while you build your skills and courage and how to interact with these beings should you want to keep your wits. You may not be able to walk in my exact path but my hope is you can safely travel your own. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and experiences. Let’s begin. ~~~~~ Rated 18+ Mature Audiences only , Trigger warning (just about everything) contains explicit traumatic, sexual and offensive content. Sorry, it is a brutal horror story with vampires werewolves and demons and not a rainbow fairy tale .with unicorns and lollipops.

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You Should Know

Hello Family and Friends,

This one comes with a warning label. The story in the following pages is not for everyone. May leave you feeling shocked, uncomfortable and angry.

🙈🙉Explicit Content & Trigger warning🙉🙊

Proceed with caution contains:

🙊 Alcohol : Drugs
🙉 Torture : Blood : Abuse : Rape : Incest
🙈 Sexual Content : Caution Chaud/Hot

🙊 Ghosts and Demons and their antics

Genre Reminder: Horror / Erotica

Now that you know what awaits you. Lets Go! I'll hold your hand ...

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