The March of the Dead

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I didn’t know what to do.

The lady gazed at me.

Arms came up to grasp me as I stood there on the stairs of the bus.

The girl came flying out past me, knocking me so hard against the side of the doors I saw stars. When I found my vision again, as I grasped the edge of the door, I saw those two figures striking at each other.

The girl pulled at the woman’s hair, and the woman’s at hers.

They swiped for each other’s faces.

I had my chance.

I panted and gasped as I staggered along the roadside. Staring around, I saw a couple of other shapes lurking about in this eternal grey. I was shouting Mum and Dad’s name. My voice hurt from having called them so much.

Something grabbed my ankle.

A boy ... from school.

Fear sat in his eyes. He tried opening his mouth. I heard some muttering.

‘They’ve all gone, mate ... it’s spread all over us all, Blinky ... it’s arrived ....’ A long grin came over his face, his eyes bloodshot and red. His skin became bleaker, until suddenly the life left his face. Soon his hand became cold as it fingers pulled away from my ankle.

I released a couples of groans, budging back from him.

As the now stiff hand slumped down, I crouched, turning the boy’s head.

Blank, cold grey eyes, similar to the colour I had seen in Kehlani’s, stared.

Sickness flushed through me.

‘What’s going on ... what’s going on ...?’ I called to the grey smoke billowing throughout.

That pain slunk down my back as I now stalked across the road.

But I turned all too late.

Something was dashing towards me.

Pain ripped through my back.

I held up my hand towards this darkened shape. It sprinted, something thick, jagged in its grasp.

‘No ... no ... no, no, no, no, no—’

He swiped.

I ducked, dropping to the ground.

I looked into the eyes of another figure. The person stared back at me.

Another guy from school. The life started drifting from him as I remained on the ground, smoke billowing throughout the entire area.

There I waited, hidden, I hoped, by this smoke, as I watched those eyes fade and fade away. Soon there were no more footsteps around me.

There I stayed for some time, thinking, wondering, utter shock rushing through me.

I sighed, having not heard any footsteps throughout the smoke for some time.

‘We’re okay ... we’re okay, now,’ I muttered, gazing at that boy one more time before I arched back into a sitting position, and felt something hard smash the back of my head.

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