I can't let the past repeat itself

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My friend Kyle when he was little reminded me of my best friend I had at birth Gerald that was possessed at 7 and killed himself in my closet. They were both scrawny little boys and the night I met Kyle he acted the same way the night Gerald died. They both spoke up which is not like them but spoke in rhyme now it is my duty to make sure the past doesn't repeat itself.

Horror / Mystery
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The broken leg


The fragile speechless boy stood on the stage and spoke, he spoke in rhyme. Everybody that was around stood there shocked and I was too but not for the same reason they were, I have seen this happen before. A long time ago there was a boy very much like this one, he randomly spoke in rhyme he was possessed and if you listen closely to the Rhyme you can hear the deep meaning. The deep meaning was sad if only I had understood then I could have stopped what happened to that little boy the next day. Now, this felt like I could fix what happened then, I thought it could be a new start. I stood up on that stage and froze not knowing what to say, I just had to get that boy off the stage. I picked up the boy and rushed to the back and tried snapping him out of this trance. I sat there in front of him for hours blowing on his eyes trying to make him blink or just stop repeating that same stupid rhyme over and over again. It took me a while till he stopped. I felt like I finally did something in my life that was helpful. I knew that this year I would have to put my main focus on that little boy because i didn’t know when it would come back. That decision changed my life, I don’t know if it was for the better or worse.

Chapter 1: The broken leg

I walked with Kyle to school, he doesn’t remember that day he was possessed and I didn’t want to tell him and freak him out. I have become very close friends with him for a little while now and nothing has happened yet. Kyle and I are now in high school and Kyle is still pretty scrawny but he has a lot of muscle, he is in wrestling so the little boy I remember is replaced with muscle. I never would have known the scrawny boy from middle school would become such a jock, he was popular but he didn’t let the popularity go to his head. Kyle was slowing down for me because my short legs impacted my speed. I have grown to be very attached with Kyle and the same goes the other way around. We were always by each other and of course, you can’t have a guy friend without being shipped with them. Kyle was talking about how his last wrestling match went and would stop bragging about how strong he was. I just find it funny when he talks about how strong he is because he knows that I could beat him up. I was starting to run up the hill to get to the school and didn’t see the little rabbit hole and my foot fell in and I twisted my ankle. I can admit that I am really stubborn, I always have been. Kyle rushed to me and saw I was in pain and insisted on letting him pick me up but I of course said no and continued to walk on it. I have had a lot of twisted ankles and this was way more painful. I was right outside the door of my school when my leg stopped working, I tried walking on it but it was too painful. Kyle’s face looked whiter than snow and told me to look down and when I did I saw a big bloodstain on my sweatpants. I lifted up my sweatpants and I could practically see my bone and I fainted. When I woke up I was in the hospital and kyle was pacing back and forth and stopped when he saw that I was up. I guess I had been out for a bit because when I looked outside it looked like I was there for half the school time. The doctor told me I broke my leg and I lost a lot of blood and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Kyle looked shocked when he heard I would be there in a couple of days and I didn’t want to because I had to be there for kyle to protect him. I looked at Kyle and was confused as to why he wasn’t at school “did you not go to school, your one brain cell is getting lonely and I’m sure he would be happy if you went to school and gave him compony” Kyle and I had a little joke about his one brain cell, we named him Susan. Yes, you heard me, it is a boy brain cell named Susan. Kyle looked at me and you can tell his emotion changed from being concerned to dying of laughter. “I see that even when you are in pain you still are just thinking about insulting me, and no I didn’t go to school because my best friend who about died is more important,” He said while still in the middle of laughing. I smiled at him “I didn’t almost die, i was perfectly fine it didn’t hurt one bit”. I look away acting insulted and then looked back and he rolled his eyes “I swear little girl your stubbornness is going to get you killed”. I just giggled and closed my eyes he could tell I was exhausted so he sat in the chair next to me and rested his head on my chest while I put my hands on his head. I opened my eyes and I wasn’t in the hospital, I was in a pitch dark hallway and I started walking to the end of the hallway. I opened the door at the end of the hallway and all I saw was a little light that came from what I think was a closet. I couldn’t see the room but I felt like I had been there before. I walked towards the closet but stopped, am I really this stupid, I have seen like every horror movie I’m not going to be like every dumb blonde in the movies. I started feeling the walls looking for a light and eventually found the light switch and turned on the light. I was so scared when I saw I was in my room from my old town in new york. New york……. The little boy, I haven’t even really thought about the little boy in years why now. It took me a second when I realized I was just in a dream, I used to have this same dream all the time and knew there was no way to wake up and I had to just go along with the nightmare. I walked to the closet and there the little boy was, all bloody, pale, and lifeless. I started screaming and woke up screaming and Kyle’s head went up real quick and he started freaking out asking me what was wrong. It took me a second to calm down but when I did, I explained to him how it was just a nightmare and he had nothing to worry about. Kyle stared into my eyes and I could understand what he was saying without him using words, he knew that it wasn’t just a dream. I never told him how the boy died in the dream but Id told him the dream of how I saw his dead body. That little boy was my best friend when we were young, our moms were best friends and when we were born we were automatically best friends. He was born a little early so he was always smaller than the rest.

-I have thought of the idea of this book from a dream I had a couple of nights ago, I will write up the next chapter soon so don’t worry there are 100% going to be a lot more chapters.


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