Melancholy Of Heart

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Heart Wayland lost a part of herself when her parents died. She simply hazes through life with severe and untreated depression. But on her 17th birthday, her whole world is flipped upside down. She stumbles upon the hottest guy in her class just biting into someone's neck. Leading up to her aunt revealing who she actually is - a Slayer; an individual responsible for keeping Vampires and Werewolves in check. Heart sets on a journey of self-discovery, along the way, uncovering new secrets. Through sexy vampires and unrelenting werewolves, she discovers there is more to her parent's death than what she was told.

Horror / Thriller
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There was blood everywhere.

She gasped for air making her whole body ache. Maybe a fractured rib, two? it didn’t matter, not like she was going to live through this.

Every part of her body winced with pain. There was blood, its awful stench made her nostrils hurt. The assailant stood watching her every damaging breath, savouring in the sight of their work. There was no mercy, she was going to bleed to death. But, she refused to give her assailant the satisfaction.

" I love you.” She murmured. Coughing out more blood.

" I love you, my man, my baby girls, my fam-“.her words slurred from agony.

She flipped the Lighter open with her broken fingers. Plastering one last bloody smile on her face; watched the assailant jumping towards her. She couldn’t hear what the assailant shouted.

she didn’t need to.

Just in moments, the entire car lit up in flames.

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