Terror in the vampire's castle from hell

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chapter 4

At that moment the yellow faced vampires open a large mystery door of horrror and reveal a big green chamber of torture to our shocked eyes of mercy. The hooded female vampire then drags our bodies inside the green chamber of terrors with the help of her yellow army of horrors.

We are then thrown towards a large orange cage of capture while the yellow vampires drag the screaming humans towards a lage bed of nails. A bearded man screams for mercy while the hooded vampire forces his legs into the holes of capture.

A shocked luitent megs then glares with wonder while the hooded vampire starts to strap his moving hands with her devilish claws of torture. The man eventually gives up the fight when his body is made prone on the nailed bed of torture.

At that moment the vampire of evil begins to strip him naked while the other yellow faced vampires watch closely at the screams of mercy. The horses then look on in horror while the wicked dark vampire begins to tickle the insides of his legs before ripping his penis and balls off with a swipe of the steel nails.

We all shriek in shock when the hooded vampire holds up the decapitated penis and balls before handing them to the waiting vampires of horror. His body is then sucked dry of blood while a waiting victim screams at the torture from hell.

Our shocked army then look on disgust when a woman is dragged towards spiked chair of horrors. A fuming silver prince then shouts revenge at the glaring hooded vampire while the woman hands are spiked on the arms of the silver chair of evil.

Her screams echo around the torture chamber while the other yellow faced demons begin to unbutton her long red dress of decency. The evil black vampire of horror then cuts off her modest blue underwear while the silver glare with open eyes.

We watch her breasts bounce about in anger until the yellow vampires carefully chop them off with a large black knife of torture. The woman screams in pain while the vampires drink the blood from the decapitated breasts of horror.

A screaming luitent megs points at the vampire horrors while we are taken towards a big dark jail outside the chamber of torture. We sit and wonder in the dark jail of horror while the screams echo from torture chamber next to us.

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