Midnight Insomnia

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A mysterious disappearance, or, perhaps, an abduction of some kind. A witch who loves to toy with men. Ghosts who are trying to find their way and place in the afterlife. Demons seeking redemption for their past sins. Angels hungry to prove their creators aren't as almighty as they seem. Supernatural creatures trying to go against their worst instincts for blood. And ordinary humans turning into the most feared individuals on the planet. Did any of this sound interesting? Check out a teaser: "Last night, I heard something coming into my bedroom...it opened the door and let itself in, it walked on the creaking wooden floor towards my bed, and that's when I saw it, a stream of overwhelming and haunting beam of light." ----Chapter 1: It Came for Me Reader discretion advised: rated mature for graphic depictions of violence, disturbing content including material that may be sensitive to others, sexual content, mature themes, strong language, and some drug use.

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Chapter 1 - It Came for Me


Case Number: 394241

Case Status: Pending

Name of Victim: Daniel Pierre

Location of Incident: Hudson, NC

Brief Description of Incident: Disappearance

Evidence Found: Journal entries written by Dr. Daniel Pierre



The first day at the house with the breathtaking view of the Tennessee mountains was worthwhile; it reminded me of the spectacle of nature. I’m enjoying everything this house has to offer, from the tranquility of the nearby forests to the occasional fresh brewed coffee in the morning while reading my favorite book. With a two-story house like this, I can certainly manage, I mean, this house has every commodity that a person needs to take his or her mind away. I requested for removal of all technology; so, there would be fewer distractions for me. I needed this, a time away from the classroom. My career is very satisfying in every sense of the word; however, I desperately need to recuperate.


The first two nights at the house were wonderful as I rested and slept with no problem. This morning, though, I woke up very tired and a bit sore, especially my upper body. I feel as if I did a series of rigorous exercises the day before; it does not make any sense. These symptoms of tiredness and soreness must be an indicator of a restless night; well, at least the tiredness feeling. The other symptom, I have no idea where could have come from. The bed was comfortable for the first two nights; no complaints there. The night was also quiet and serene; the only noise that was bouncing from tree to tree was the sound of the crickets chirping. I don’t understand.


I continue to have restless nights. Only this time I know what is causing it. I have been having these terrible nightmares of these white pale figures surrounding me. In the nightmares, I’m resting upon something very cold and quite hard, as if I was lying on a gurney with a plain metal surface. I am then carried into a dimmed room where these strange white figures surround my body and begin to speculate every inch of me. The oddest thing of all, every single time I wake up from these disturbing nightmares, I suddenly become very ill and vomit uncontrollably. I would visit a doctor; however, I’m too far from my house, and I would not like to know that I exaggerated the entire scenario and sabotage my vacation.


As I am writing this, I feel all so terrified. I have not been journaling in the last few days, hell; I have not been doing absolutely anything. I can’t, I mean, this fear has consumed me in such a way that I cannot even describe…I don’t know what’s going on. I’m so scared. Last night, I heard something coming into my bedroom… it opened the door and let itself in, it walked on the creaking wooden floor towards my bed, and that’s when I saw it, a stream of overwhelming and haunting beam of light. I couldn’t see its face, but damn I knew it was ghastly, I felt that it was, the eerie feel of the room told the entire story. It was there for one purpose, and one purpose only.


Today I woke up to bloody bed sheets, I then found out it was from incisions from where that thing took me to, a grim abyss that only a small amount of human beings has seen, and many others will eventually see. It’s difficult to write with trembling hands, but others must know about this. So for that reason I’m leaving immediately.

At this exact moment, I’m writing in the bathroom. I’m hiding and tightly grasping a knife in my right hand. I’m clenching the knife against my chest drenched in sweat, waiting for it. My entire body is trembling uncontrollably from fear… I cannot stand it any longer. I just can’t. It is coming closer to me. Oh my dear lord. It is searching for me. I am sitting here on the cold tiled floor of the bathroom, waiting to be taken. I just realized it. That thing, came for me…it came for us, their plan is to


On November 28th, the owner of the property came by to remind Dr. Pierre that checkout date was on November 29th midday, only to find the house uninhabited, the only thing she found was the professor’s belongings half-packed as if he was going to leave. She found the bathroom door wide open and the professor’s notebook on the floor along with a knife. She searched the entire house and did not find the professor anywhere. The detectives studied every square inch of the property and found nothing on the inside, on the outside; however, they did find specks of XXXXXXX on the grass, which led to further investigation of the area. An expert came by and with the evidence provided, he concluded that Dr. Daniel Pierre disappeared on the night of November 27 and that the Professor experienced a XXXXXX of the XXXXXXXX. Details of his disappearance have not yet been shared with family and friends.

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