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By Violet All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Little Leilah

Transform. Enchant. Drain. Dump.

That is how little Leilah’s life has been for the past three centuries. This routine has kept her alive ’til this day. Maybe it’s the way she looks, maybe it’s how she has an innocent hopeless aura around her, or maybe it’s the fact that she can transform into a tiny unsuspicious creature, she isn’t sure, but she never seems to get caught. In fact, in her duration of any city or town she lived in her life, no one has raised their suspicions on her at all. If people did start noticing, then she would disappear into the night, and head off to another city to hunt.

She prefers cities over town, as the mortals in cities are way more diverse and are densely packed than the later. It is also not hard to hunt there, and people do not really care if a person goes missing any longer. The world’s population had skyrocketed in the past few decades and the planet’s capacity to maintain the human population has decreased significantly. Now, the saying “only the fittest survives” has taken its play.

Leilah was turned when she was only 10 years old. All she can remember from that incident was a blood-curdling scream followed by splatters of blood. She assumed that was the time when her whole family was slaughtered. She did not understand how or why she was alive, but her master explained to her that she was turned because she reminded him of her late daughter. She was not convinced for some reason, but before she could ask him again he got killed from a duel between his clan and another rival clan.

Leilah now lurks in the shadows of the city. She resides in a small den in an abandoned alleyway, where even the worst of criminals do not have the guts to enter. This is the place where she lures her prey in and then feast on their blood. Afterwards, she takes the body to a place called “Paradise cliff” where she dumps the body beneath it. The cliff got its name from all the suicide victims it gets on a weekly basis. It’s the place where they come to “end their sorrows and enter paradise”. In this very zone is where the ghouls get their food from. Those ghouls who do not wish to kill another human being just for their appetite can eat the already dead corpse without feeling much of guilt. It is not that Leilah cares for them; it’s the benefit she gets from it. This way she would not have to worry about the cops chasing after her because the victim is already digested inside the ghoul’s stomach.

Leilah hung upside down from a tree, her tiny bat eyes skimming over the crowd, thinking which type of person she should pick tonight. Children’s blood tasted too sweet and the elderly tasted stale. She was craving something savory. Something that would satisfy her taste buds.

Her eyes caught sight of a platinum blond individual. He did not look too young or too old. She tried to remain calm but she couldn’t help but feel the bubbles of excitement rising in her tiny body. She observed her newly found victim a bit more. She saw him talking on the phone with someone, and when he turned his head she noticed that he was wearing a black surgical mask.

After several minutes of observing him, she flew to a dark corridor and transformed into the little girl once again. She took out her sunglasses and wore it to hide her red eyes. People did not really question it when they saw her wearing sunglasses at night. She resembled an albino with her blonde hair which looked almost white and her skin was like that of a white porcelain glass. As they thought she was one, they automatically assume that her eyes are super sensitive to light, hence the sunglasses. She then took in a deep breath and headed out to the streets.

She saw the man still standing against the lamp-post, deeply engrossed into the conversation he was having over the phone. She stood behind him, waiting for his conversation to be over. She noticed the guy’s hands were covered with black gloves too, but his arms were exposed. She noticed how pale they were, almost too pale for normal healthy human being. But from the scent, she could tell that it was definitely a human. And very healthy one.

The stranger turned in mid-conversation and got startled upon seeing a petite girl standing timidly. He excused the person on the other line and hung up. He walked up to her and got to his knees so that he would be at eye-level with her and took off his mask.

“Hello,” he greeted, “what are you doing here?”

The little girl looked down, playing with the hem her skirt.

“I-I’m lost,” she stuttered.

“It’s okay, I’ll help you get to your parents,” he said and smiled. He got up and took her hand in his. He gasped at how cold her hand was.

“Are you cold? Do you want my jacket?” he asked, worried of how pale and cold the little girl was. The girl claimed that she was fine.

He listened to her directions and then led the girl into the city. He asked whether they lived in the city or on the outskirts, and she answered the later one was correct. They wove through the streets, searching for her lost parents. The little girl clung to the kind stranger as if she knew him for all his life. From afar it looked like two siblings taking a little stroll.

After they came across the last section of the city, the little girl asked him to take a right turn.

“There? But that is an alleyway,” he asked, confused.

The girl paused for a moment, and said “my parents are poor, so we live there.”

The pale man made a noise of understanding, and lead her into the alleyway.

The first thing that hits him is the horrid stench which filled his nostrils. It smelt like blood and rotten flesh. He could feel the bile rising in his throat already.

“I-I’ll be go-”

Before he could finish his sentence, the little girl swung a metal pipe and hit his head. He collapsed onto the ground, his vision blurry and head pounding.

He felt a weight on his abdomen, and when his vision cleared a little bit he noticed that she climbed on top of him. Her eyes were glowing red, and her fangs bared with drool rolling down the side of her mouth.

“Thank you so much for bring me back here,” she said in a sweet voice, which contrasted her visual appearance.

He struggled to move, but it was of no use. Her hand were like iron clasps which were holding him down.

“No no no,” she chided, “stay still like a good boy.”

She dove into the crook of his neck and bit hard on the pulse point, expecting the deliciously sweet blood to fill her mouth. Instead, she was greeted by a bitter taste and she spat out the horrid liquid out of her mouth.

She gagged and heaved, and for the first time in centuries she wanted to cleanse her mouth with water just to get rid of that goo. She looked at him, getting confused by each passing second.

She noticed that the “blood” that was oozing out from his neck was pitch black. She found the blond staring at her with a little smirk on his face. Fear gripped her dead heart with all the possibilities running inside her head. It cannot be that...

“Oh, watch out,” he mocked.

She turned around to see a red-head just about to swing at her.

And that was the last thing she ever saw.


The ghoul and the cliff concept is inspired by Tokyo ghoul’s “suicide cliff”. Also, after re-reading this and a friend pointing it out, the blond guy who I have described sounded a bit too much like the protagonist in Tokyo Ghoul. It wasn’t my intention to be honest, it was pure coincidence. I guess psychology took its play here haha. (As in like I was thinking about Tokyo Ghoul and then I ended up subconsciously describing Kaneki Ken #PsychologyNerd)

While writing (typing actually) this, Suga and Jimin from BTS kept popping up in my head. Soon enough I found myself describing Suga’s features in here, and I didn’t want to change it at all. I imagined the red-head guy as Jimin, I don’t know why.

Is this a fanfiction? Not really. Read it as you wish. Fan fiction or norm fiction, its still a story right?

Thanks for reading!

P.S A sequel will be posted shortly afterwards!

Write a Review Did you enjoy my story? Please let me know what you think by leaving a review! Thanks, Violet
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