Aftermath: A Short fan maded story based on the Corpse Princess Manga

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Aftermath: A Short fan maded story based on the Corpse Princess Manga

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Start Aftermath: a fan maded, short story based on the corpse princess manga and anime


I never thought would be writing about a short story based on Japanese anime. But here it is.

I always loved Anime ever since I saw Space Battleship Yamato when it was aired in America as Star Blazers back in the late 70s. (Yes. I’m that old, lol!)

After that I followed many Anime episodes when I could. I was hooked. One of those was Corpse Princess by

Yoshiichi Akahito

I fell in love with the characters. After seeing the Anime. I started reading the Manga here and there. And final reach the final One number 23. And was amazed as always at the artwork and the story. But I was shocked at the ending. Not questioning the author of the series. But why this way? But then I realized that the author was playing on this for a long time. It was part of the plot to begin with. And it was unavoidable and inevitable.

And by the artwork and dialogue one of the main characters Ouri had accepted this.

More so Makina was still with him. ( sorry for spoilers) But connected to a gift she had gave him. And one day they would be together again with his brother Keisei (as hinted by the artwork on the cover the is under the book jacket of the manga.

Still I wasn’t satisfied. And although it’s been about 8 years ( as I write this. It’s now 2020.

The series ended in 2014) since the last manga was published. I wish it ended differently. No doubt some fans had the same ideas as I had. Wanting to make a good ending. So they came up with their own stories. No doubt some better than mine.

But it didn’t stop me from writing my own non canon story.

May those who read this consider it one of many possibilities and one of many versions to the events of what taken place in Corpse Princess Universe

Richard T

Nov 2020.

Note all characters, as well as plot devices for the exception of those found in chapters 1 to 3 as well as those newer ideas , concepts , plot that I created in the storyline were based on the original story created by

Yoshiichi Akahito

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