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Hey guys before I start I just wanted to let you know this happened like six years ago yes it still hunts me but it's getting better and I'm learning move on and live with it so anyway here's my story.

I was nine years old and my sister's boyfriend at the time was at the house. my mom and dad left to go shopping and a few minutes or so after my parents left he raped me. Now I was nine I didn't really know what was going on all I knew was that I didn't like so in my own way I told my mom he raped me. He's in jail now fast forward a couple years I was raped again by someone me and my family thought was our friend and I told my parents only after my mom kicked .him out I'll never go into .a basement again then I got again by his friend. Well that's my story if you have any questions I'll answer them (well that's it bye)
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