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A pack of drunken teenagers unwittingly resurrect an ancient evil and bring Hell down on their town. It's blood, murder, witchcraft and mayhem in the backwoods of Corden County, GA. Tasty stuff....... Deep in the woods of Gryder's Cove, a dark, terrible secret lies quietly in the shadows of an old dilapidated house. Decades of rumor, hearsay, and fear have made this house a local legend and the target of fans of the supernatural, the curious, and even teenagers looking for a thrill. The latter are the ones who finally exhume the one thing that should have stayed hidden.

arrlen blackwolf
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the dedication....

This book is dedicated to those who constantly inspire me...

Raven, Punkin, Stick Boy, T-Bone, Sweet Pea

and to my grandma, Louise Cole, who gave me the stories that inspired portions of this book. I’ll miss you always....

This is a work of fiction. Total, utter fiction. Any resemblance to actual people or places would be really weird as well as completely coincidental.

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