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A short story based off of a recurring dream I've had since I was about 4? Warning: it gets a little dark at the end so beware

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

So my story starts off with my four year old self appearing in the backyard of my preschool. I'm wearing a red dress with spiderman shoes. Not seeing anyone on the playground, I move towards the sliding glass doors that lead into the building. Using all of my strength, I pull the door handle and slip inside. The room I stepped into looked nothing out of ordinary, just a simple playroom. Moving onward, I move through a hallway and into a larger room, inside there are many tall people surrounding something. The weird thing is, everyone in the room is as still as statues and if they noticed me they made no move to show it. they were only fixated on the thing they surrounded. They almost looked as if they were not alive.

My curiosity getting the better of me, I wanted to find out what these people were so intrigued by, so I crouched and crawled through the crowd of people to the very center of the crowd. I ended up coming up to a table and I slowly got up and as I did I started to notice that there was a person laying on the table.

Once I was fully up, I almost threw up at the sight.

On the table was a girl, a teenager maybe around sixteen or seventeen. She was wearing light blue jeans, red converse and a white blouse. She had pretty features, long wavy blonde hair, fair skin and a light sprinkle of freckles across her nose.

But her neck..her neck had a dark wooden chopstick impaled through the side with blood so dark oozing out it looked black as ink.
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