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Chapter 13

Alexis Tremaine’s POV

Raving Lunatic or my Golden Ticket

What the fuck am I listening to?!

Did I just hear what I thought I did? Is this woman really trying to tell me … that she is using Human Blood to make the chocolate chunks for her cookies?

I pressed the stop button on my recorder.

I blinked my eyes in disbelief. Surely this was some sort of sick joke.

A slight chuckle escaped my lips as I placed my palm over my face and shook my head. Indeed these were the ravings of a lunatic either that, or she was pulling my leg waiting for a reaction.

There was none; her amber-colored eyes only stared at me, studying my response; possibly trying to gauge my reaction, I can only assume.

Nina exhaled a deep sigh and leaned over to place her small hand on my knee. I jerked my knee back instinctually, then immediately apologized for my sudden recoil. I know I had every logical right to react the way I did, but this was my interview, which I planned on completing. I’d be damned if I let my unease stop me from finishing what I had set out to do all because of my biases to the perverse tale I was subjected to. I was, am a journalist; we are not allowed any discrimination. We report the truth without judgment, nothing else. Besides, if not me, I was well aware that several other unscrupulous journalists out there would jump at the chance for this interview, and relatively sure none of them would even think twice about what she was saying. Nina Salvatore’s story may have been shocking, but it wouldn’t be the first time I have listened to a murderer confess their sins, and it certainly wouldn’t be my last.

No … I would finish this professionally and nothing more. I would not allow myself to be intimated by anything, especially not the most unbelievable story I have ever encountered. This story was my ticket to notoriety, the likes of which none have ever seen in my field. Once I published Nina Salvatore’s story, I would pretty much be able to write my own ticket.

People would be jumping at the bit to have me interview them.

I braced myself calming my nerves, and regarded Nina with softened eyes.

“I apologize for my reaction. I know you were only trying to calm me. Please accept my humble apology, Nina. If you’d still allow it, I would love to hear the rest of your story.”

A genuine smile pervaded her lips as she reclined back into her plush chair.

“Of course, Alex. I understand; it was a lot to take in. Your reaction is completely warranted. Since you are ok with continuing the interview, I would love to continue my story.”

“Thanks, Nina.”
“Of course.”

I lifted my coffee cup, downing the remaining contents, and set the empty cup back onto its plate resting on the coffee table in front of me.

Nina regarded my empty cup and smiled.

“Oh, Alex, it seems that your cup is empty. Would you like another?”

“If it’s no trouble, but only one more. Too much at once will only make me jittery.”

“Of course. Lydia, please provide Ms. Tremaine with one more cup.”
“Of course, ma’am.”

I smiled in gratitude when the steaming cup of tan liquid was placed in front of me; no surprise to anyone, resting bitch face just ignored me and took my empty cup then walked away without any response.

Whatever, it’s not like she matters anyway.

I lifted my cup, took a sip, and then pressed the red button on my recorder to continue documenting our interview. I nodded for Nina to continue, and she returned a nod of her own as she eased into her chair while taking a sip of her own coffee cup.

“Now, where were we…”

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