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Chapter 15

Nina’s POV – 3 Years Ago

Dean’s Ultimatum

“What the Fuck is going on here, Nina?!”

Shit …

The sight of Dean in front of me left me completely speechless. The man clearly looked pissed off and hurt. My eyes immediately cast downwards as I took a big gulp of air, trying to get the nerve to tell my husband about, well, everything.

I couldn’t lie to him; he always had a way of seeing right through me, case and point. I didn’t lie to him all this time per se, only kept secrets, and still, though it took a while, he still managed to pull a Sherlock Holmes on my ass.

“Nina …. I’m waiting.”
Ugh … Well, here goes.


I began recanting the entire tale to my Dean; from the moment I met Anabelle up till now. The look on his face was so unreadable as he sat in silence at the kitchen table.

“Please say something, anything.”
I reached over to grab his hand, and he quickly pulled it back as if the mere thought of my touching him burned.

I looked at him, my tear-stained eyes pleading for him to give me some sort of response. All I saw was his furrowed brow glaring at me angrily.

I was pretty sure this was the end of the line for me.

“Dean, please say something.”

“What the hell do you want me to say, Nina. My wife just told me that she is a fucking murderer and killing people to use their blood in her cookies!”

“I know, but, Dean, please understand why I did it. I had to.”
“Did you really, though? I mean, I guess some part of me maybe can understand what you did out of grief for Mitzy, but after that, you continued!”
“I HAD TO! Anabelle was holding your business over my head. I didn’t want something to happen to you, so I had to keep making the cookies. It was her idea to create this stupid business; I had no idea that it would grow out of hand like this.”

“All you had to do was talk to me, Nina. You didn’t, and now what … my wife is a fucking killer and feeds people – people!”
I sighed then ran my hand through my hair.

“I know it’s a lot, but please, Dean. See it from my perspective. I didn’t know what to do, and yeah, I made bad choices but look at how it turned out. I’m not trying to justify my actions but, people really love these cookies and what is blood but extra iron. So technically, the cookies are good for individuals. Also, I never harmed anyone who was good, only bad people, criminals who would more than likely have slipped through the justice system’s cracks anyway. Not to mention how much money we have made for us, you and me. For our future.”

“So what, you decided to be judge and jury for a few measly dollars?”

“No, Dean, I continued with everything for a few million dollars.”

A cough escaped Dean’s lips as he stared at me in shock.

“Did you just say million … as in seven figures millions?”
“Yep, millions.”

“How the hell?”

“I told you the business has been going on for over two years. We have a high demand and even an online website for cookie orders to ship either our baked or frozen products to customers in bulk. I have tucked all my earnings away for the time when I tell you the truth.”

“And when were you planning on doing that Nina-telling me the truth?”
He arched his brow as he awaited my answer. I knew this would be another turning point for him if I answered wrong, so I threw caution to the wind and told the truth.

“I was planning on telling you next month, on our vacation.”

“What vacation?”
“The surprise one that I booked for us to take as a second Honeymoon. I planned on, or at least I hoped I’d have the guts to, tell you at that time.”

“Is this why Anabelle has been acting bitchier than normal?”

“No. Anabelle has no idea about everything. She’s just pissed because Nathan wants a divorce, and he wants to take their son Ian with him.”

“Not that I’m surprised with Nate, but why does she even care if she loses the kid. She doesn’t even try to be a mother to him anyway.”

“She doesn’t. It’s about losing Nathan’s connections that she’s pissed about.”

“Hmmph. I suppose.”

“So …”

I bit my lip and stared at Dean through my lashes worriedly.

“What now?”

Dean let out a sigh and looked at me. Mr. Pokerface was not easing my nerves at all.

“I love you, Nina. I’m not saying this whole thing is right, but I still love you with everything that I am. You are my life, and I vowed that I would always stand by your side, come hell or high-water. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I will keep your secrets.”

I jumped out of my seat and began peppering kisses on Deans’s stubbled jaw.

“Oh, thank you, baby! Thank you! I love you so much!!”

Dean cleared his throat and looked at me.

“But … “


“There’s a but Nina.”
I stopped and looked at my husband, awaiting his request.

“I want to change the arrangement of your business partnership Nina.”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“I said I want to change who your partner is.”
“But Anabelle won’t take too lightly to that, Dean.”
“I know. That’s why we’re going to bring in a new partner. One that I’m more than certain would love to take care of a certain manipulative leech stuck to him as well as be a part of your company.”

“What …who?”

“Our good ol’ buddy, Nate.”

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