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Chapter 3

Nina Salvotore’s POV

Interviews and Lattes

Nina Salvatore walked into her kitchen, preparing herself another latte. She had gotten up a lot earlier than she would have liked, but she knew it was par for the course today, everything needed to be prepared for her guest’s arrival. Despite her apprehension towards the media, her good friend and recent business partner had advised her of its importance. Good media means more business, and since Nina was the originator of her booming company, her story was the big selling point. Thus, her agreeing to meet with Alexis Tremaine.

It was Nina’s business partner that had recommended Ms. Tremaine for the interview. After a bit of research on the reporter’s character, Nina felt that Alexis Tremaine would be a perfect fit to tell her story to.

Nina took a sip of her warm latte savoring the warm, bitter taste of espresso and milk. A sense of excitement washed over her in anticipation of her guest’s arrival. It’d been a long time since she’d felt this way and even longer since she’d told her story to another. Would Ms. Tremaine believe her story? Nina knew her tale was far from ordinary. Still, it was her story none the less and honestly alleviating the heavy burden of secrecy from her shoulders actually seemed appealing to Nina.

A smile spread across Nina’s lips. Yes, she told herself, this interview will definitely change both their lives forever.

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