The Power Inside Him

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Jakob is a 16 year old boy who tries to live out his life in high school despite the fact that he gets bullied a lot. But the only reason he gets bullied is because of his dark side... Night Shade. Ever since he could remember, he's had this dark side for a while now and it's only getting stronger as he fears it more. And to make matters worse, he's being hunted by a team of teenagers who want to kill Night Shade and end his reign of terror for good. Will Jakob be able to stop the darkness inside of him? Or will he only keep growing stronger with the more people that he kills as Jakob's soul slowly fades away???

Horror / Fantasy
Jake Dracula
Age Rating:

A Midnight Rampage

Late one night, at a creepy and abandoned warehouse, there was an army of robots surrounding it. And they seemed to be ready for whatever could possibly happen on this very night.

The robots that were surrounding the warehouse were blue with a squishy alien that looks like a brain. They are known as the Kraang. And their leader was a robot that had black hair, black eyes, and was wearing black sunglasses and a black tuxedo. His name is Bishop.

"Fellow Kraang, is there any sight of Night Shade?" Bishop asked the other Kraang.

"The one known as Night Shade is nowhere near Kraang base." One of the Kraang droids said.

"Affirmative." Another droid chimed in. "He is not at the place where Kraang wait for him at this place."

"Well I'm sure he will be here soon. So keep your guards up!" Bishop ordered.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash coming from nearby. The Kraang and Bishop looked over to see dumpsters knocked over and trash everywhere.

"Bishop... the one known as Night Shade is here!" Another Kraang pointed out. "He's here!"

Suddenly, there was a dumpster being thrown through the sky and it landed right where the Kranng droid that was warning Bishop was standing and it crashed through the roof of the warehouse.

"All units! Ready to fire!" Bishop ordered.

The Kraang droids then held up their laser guns as they got ready to shoot at whatever the figure was.

Soon enough, there was a figure standing right where the dumpster used to be. As the figure walked closer to them, it revealed to be pale, have black hair, all red eyes, fangs, giant bat wings, and was wearing a black jacket with gray stripes, a gray shirt with a red lightning bolt and red shield, black pants, and black shoes. This monster is known as Night Shade.

"You foolish bots!" Night Shade said with a smirk. "You really think you can hide from the Ultimate Lifeform!"

"You are not the ultimate lifeform, Night Shade! You know who is!" Bishop said.

Night Shade was still smirking. "That pathetic hedgehog doesn't stand a chance against me!"

"Kraang fire!" Bishop yelled.

At the cue, the Kraang all started firing their laser guns at Night Shade. Fortunately, he was able to dodge all the shots and make it up on the roof, where he dodged and fought the droids as he took them all out one by one as the little brains scurried away.

Night Shade then took one of the Kraang guns and shot the remaining 2 that were by Bishop's side. "Oh, Kraang!" He said as he realized that he wasn't doing so well against him.

Night Shade then hopped down from the rooftop and slowly made his way to bishop. Who was calling for backup. "Attention, Kraang! The monster has taken out all my army. We need to send backup imme-"

But before he could finish his sentence, Bishop felt his arm get grabbed and twisted as Night Shade was pulling his arm off.

Bishop screamed in pain as Night Shade finally pulled off his arm and threw it across the street.

"No one... is gonna save you from me!" Night Shade said with an evil smirk and he threw Bishop's arm away.

"No. But... my squad will kill you! Count on it!" Bishop said seriously.

But Night Shade wasn't listening as he ripped off Bishop's other arm and slapped him with it, making him fall to the ground. Night Shade then put his hands on either side of his head to keep him from getting up.

"Any last words?" He said.

"My squad... I already informed them about your rampage." He said proudly with smirk. "They're gonna be out looking for you! And they will kill you!"

Night Shade just scoffed. "No one can kill me! Not even your precious squad! I.... am inevitable!" He said.

With that said, Night Shade grabbed Bishop's head and twisted it until a sick snap was heard and sparks sprouted from his neck. After that, Night Shade proceeded to keep going and pulled Bishop's head clean off as more spark flew from his robot neck.

"My mission here is done!" Night Shade said proudly. "No more Kraang activity!"

Night Shade then looked down and saw that the alien was trying to get out of the chest cavity it was in to control the droid. "Well... almost." Night Shade said as he then picked up the little brain thing and held it from both sides.

"The Kraang will never hunt me again!" He said evilly.

Bishop squirmed in Night Shade's hands as he used all of his strength to rip the little alien right in half. After he did that, he threw both halves down on the ground. Bishop... was officially dead.

"Now... Kraang Activity is over." He said proudly as he spread out his wings.

With that said, Night Shade flew up in the sky as more cars pulled up and police officers were getting out, pointing their guns. But when they looked around, there was nothing.

"There's nothing here." One of the officers said.

The lead police officer took out his walkie talkie and talked into it. "We need all units on a new monster.... and his name is Night Shade, if I'm correct."

With that said, the officers got into their cars and drove off. But little did they know was that Night Shade was watching the entire time from a nearby rooftop... just watching them drive off.

"Those guys have no idea what they're getting into here. Because I, Night Shade, can never... be stopped!" He said with a smirk. "Because I won't rest until my deed is done and revenge has been had!"

Night Shade belongs to me

TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon

All rights reserved

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