The Bite of 87

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I wait for my birthday, and then got bit in the frontal lobe.

Horror / Fantasy
Chris Afton
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

1 week before my birthday, I get out of bed, brush my teeth, and eat breakfast with my two siblings, Mike and Liz. Who know how many hours have passed but I play with my plushies, I go to the kitchen to ask mommy for some cookies, she nods yes. Mike goes out to hang out with his friends. "Hey Chris, want to watch TV?" Liz asks me. "Okay Liz!" I respond. We start watching TV for half an hour. Mommy says "Chris, the cookies are ready!" "Coming mommy!" I respond. I eat the cookies, Mike comes back. I run to my room because I know he would hurt me. I fall asleep until the next day.
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